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5 Types of Sponsored Blog Content For Advertisement


Advertisement is a multipronged strategy that needs attention and resources of all kinds. It consists of images, videos, news, press releases, seminars, articles, etc.

One of the main categories among the multitude of methods to spread the word is blog content.

What makes blogs different from other methods of communication is personalization. Here,  a speaker or writer expresses their ideas on the subject that is formless, easy to read, and easy to follow.

What a buyer really looks for in a product or service is details related to the item itself. Many times, the advertisement copies are not detailed enough. Blogs fill this gap, giving the readers enough juice to buy, review, or reselect.

Blogs and Advertisement

Here is why sponsored blogs are used as an advertisement tool by business giants 

  • Its a simple platform that can bring timely and meaningful information to customers
  • Easy to implement and publicize
  • Businesses that operate a blogging platform can earn 60 percent more customers
  • Blogs represents the voice of the company and connect with the target audience
  • Businesses can showcase their expertise and gain credibility
  • Helps in sales, marketing and business development strategies
  • Blogs help promote brand stories, relay company philosophy, reveal innovative ideas, and promote employees and events
  • Helps to educate customers of the importance of the brand, service, or products offered

Types of Sponsored Blog Content

Sponsored blog content occupy a niche gap in the personalization space where the seller provides information to the target audience. Its called sponsored because it officially publicized by the seller themselves. Since it can be spread on a large scale, it can appear anywhere on the media platforms (both online and offline).

Lets learn about the five types of sponsored blog content and how they are useful with advertisement.

They are

  • Sponsored post
  • Giveaway post
  • Contest post
  • Collaboration post
  • Event hosting posts

Sponsored Post

A sponsored blog post is content that is owned by individual blogger but written or curated according to business demands and criterions. The content is aimed at the target audience, while the information is provided by the company. Posts will have backlinks to the sponsors websites or resources, which are connected to the sales or marketing pitches.

Giveaway Post

Blog giveaways can generate tons of email leads from the target audience. It helps generate leads and identify prospects among them. Giveaways can attract more readers as it is mostly linked with brands, products, or services. It helps generate traffic and new subscribers, while also help in advertisement.

Contest Post

Blog contests engage the readers with contests of varying degrees. It can be interactive, informative, or anything else. Sponsored blog site contests give away products for the winners and participants which publicize both business brand and products.

Collaboration Post

Collaboration of multiple individuals in a blog website create opportunities for writers to come together under one roof. Corporate blogs can bring together writers from different departments and provide information across the channel. Disseminating information on a first-hand basis becomes simple in this case.

Event Hosting Post

Blogs that posts information related to the events are called event hosting posts. Such blogs are normally associated with certain events the company is sponsoring or hosting. It details the event’s happenings, news, interviews, participant reactions, discussions, and much more. This blog can be used for advertisement campaigns to promote the brand, product, or services.

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