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Off-Beat Sales Tactics That Actually Work


There have been a million sales tactics being preached and hailed as revolutionary, but only a few of them work and that too in very specific circumstances.

As time goes on, sales tricks change, but these are some of the best ones that are evergreen 

Weed Out Weak Prospects

Every salesperson knows whether the person is interested or not within the first response itself. You can weed out the weaker prospects right from the start and focus on stronger ones. The best prospects are those that show promise right from the get-go.

If someone has been ignoring your emails and calls, then it is best to drop them from your list. Getting rid of people who might not be interested in your product or services is a great way to filter your list. It will help your remarketing efforts too.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Understand that as the 80/20 rule suggests, you will get 80% of your sales from 20% of the people on your list. Pay attention to the clients who are genuinely interested in your services and you will see a far greater return on investment.

Veteran salesmen will tell you that focusing on people that are interested in what you are selling will get you more sales in the long run. So in the end, it is better to focus on hyper-focused individuals who are already engaging with your ads and sales tactics.

Under Promise but over Deliver

Your customers have certain expectations with what they are expecting from you, but you should over-deliver on your promises when the time comes. For example, if you promise delivery in a week, make sure that the product reaches them in 3-4 days.

This will help you establish trust and credibility with the people. Blow them away with your commitment and delivery on the said commitment, too. Amazon is well known for doing this with their delivery times. 


Use the words that other people are saying while they have confirmed the sale. Put the terms that your reviewers are saying and you will be able to get a better understanding of what they are doing. 

This creates a sense of comfort and the customers will also start trusting your actions. Hearing the words that they themselves use in everyday parlance will help boost your credibility with your targeted demographic. 

Sell a Solution

At the end of the day, your product/service is there to get rid of a problem, so you must sell a solution to the public. For example, if you are selling a vacuum cleaner, you aren’t just selling a vacuum cleaner, you are actually selling a cleaning product that reduces the time it takes to clean the house. Going forward with this aim will help you redefine your product and services from the POV of your intended consumers. 

In the End

Following these simple tricks will help you stand out from the crowd and subdue your competition pretty easily.  

Apoorv Singh Kathait
Apoorv Singh Kathait
Apoorv Kathait is a tech enthusiast with 5 years of experience in writing and editing content. His expertise lies in turning complex concepts into simple, engaging narratives, making tech topics accessible to a broader audience. Apoorv is passionate about the latest tech gadgets, software trends, AI, and blockchain. In his free time, he enjoys strumming his favorite tunes on the guitar.

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