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Introduction to Sales Onboarding Tools


Every company aims to develop and use its human resource effectively to get an edge over its competition. After all, human resources are critical for almost all business operations. It is worth noting that a highly engaged workforce helps a business earn 21% more profit. So, how do you achieve that? The answer is – to use sales onboarding tools.

You must provide proper training to new hires, especially sales reps, to fit into the company’s culture, operations, and required skill level. If you don’t do that, the new employees may not be able to perform well, therefore, affecting the business’ bottom line

This is where sales onboarding tools can make all the difference! Organizations with modern and standardized onboarding sales processes get 50% higher productivity from their recruits.

This blog will explore the best sales onboarding tools to help you get started.

Meaning and Significance of Sales Onboarding

Sales onboarding is an education program that provides newly hired sales reps with the necessary knowledge, skills, and company values in a simple and timely format.

It involves the following

  • Employee orientation
  • CRM training
  • Sales methodology training
  • Goal setting
  • Explanation of responsibilities
  • Company culture introduction

When done right, onboarding forms a crucial part of your human resource acquisition and development process. Competent and loyal sales reps who choose to stay can surely give you a competitive advantage over others.

But slow, expensive, or insufficient onboarding practices may leave you with unproductive recruits. Hence, your sales onboarding program must be engaging, affordable, customized, and quick.

What are Sales Onboarding Tools?

Sales training and onboarding tools are software solutions that help newly hired sales representatives gain knowledge and skills to perform their assigned tasks effectively. Moreover, they help the new employees easily understand the company’s processes, rules, and culture.

Functions of Sales Onboarding Tools

  • Sales managers set up the sales onboarding software by adding customized learning paths and structured learning material, including video courses, guides, documents, etc.
  • The managers can then add the required tests and certifications.
  • If required, you can integrate the tool with other sales coaching tools, course builders, and gamification software to enhance the learning experience.
  • The sales managers then provide access to the new hires to the digital learning environment. The trainees can then study the course and fill assessments to get the certifications.
  • The managers can also track the sales performance metrics of trainees and ensure that every employee achieves the required competence level.

Put simply, the right sales onboarding software lets sales managers develop courses, programs, certifications, and assessments to train and assess new employees. They enable uniform, cost-effective, and systemic coaching programs that enable fast yet complete training.

Who Uses Software for Sales Training and Onboarding?

HR trainers and marketing managers everywhere can use sales training and onboarding tools to their benefit, as sales is a significant part of any business. Currently, 49% of companies are investing in upgrading their onboarding programs to provide comprehensive training to new hires.

Benefits of Using Sales Onboarding Tools

The proper sales training and onboarding tools will primarily boost employee productivity and retention. And this will eventually convert to higher profitability and stability for your organization. There are significant benefits of using the best sales onboarding tools.

  • Organizations with a standard onboarding process are usually able to retain more recruits. And standardized processes with the best sales onboarding tools provide enhanced guidance to new employees.
  • The high quality of training and learning opportunities available through advanced sales onboarding software improve the engagement of new employees. Moreover, this is crucial as 65% of employees say that high-quality training makes them feel highly engaged.
  • Online onboarding tools ensure that the employees get systematic and comprehensive training that keeps them motivated and engaged. And this is crucial to retain them as new hires who get proper onboarding are 50% more likely to stay with the organization in the long run.
  • The specialized yet quick training provided by sales onboarding tools ensures that recruits quickly acquire the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Such concise training certainly makes them productive assets for your company in a short time.
  • Digital onboarding tools eliminate delays, manual errors, and excessive paperwork. Above all, this makes the training quick and error-free.
  • The right onboarding tools also help you customize the training so you can train employees to match the culture and operations of your company. This approach is unlike other training courses on the internet.
  • Onboarding and training tools also provide assessments and metrics that help you understand the competencies of every employee.
  • They also allow the personalization of onboarding and the latest technology to make the training more enjoyable.

Ready to Build an Expert Sales Team?

Training new hires into skilled and knowledgeable sales representatives has never been easier! Just go ahead and work with your HR and Sales managers to create an unbeatable onboarding program using the best sales onboarding tools. And you will soon have a talented team who will skyrocket your sales.

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Dheeraj Kapoor
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