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How to Engage with Existing Customers for More Sales  


Growing your business is a never-ending cycle that increases revenue. With new customer acquisition tasks, you can reduce the number of missed opportunities and find that sometimes it is easier to boost sales by reaching out to your already existing customers.  

This remarketing effort will help you reach out to a group of people that are already familiar with your brand and business. This saves you time and effort as your pitch can be shorter and direct to the point too. 

Here is how you can do that  

Market Research 

You can have a look at your analytics and see what your clients are searching for. It is a great way to get some leads right from your customer base and tap into your existing network.  

One can use surveys, interviews, or email outreach to get a better idea of who or what might become a lead.  This will also help you know whether or not you are losing customers to competitors or not.  

Engagement is Everything 

Reaching out to your customers from time to time and giving them special discounts can increase your engagement exponentially. With your subscriber list, you can get people interested in products that they might have known about before. 

You can run seasonal offers and let people know in advance if they have been a customer at your place of business.  

Customer Needs

Try and find out how you can add value to people’s lives and have a better understanding of what they want out of your business. Look at past purchases or feedback to look at what they are trying to convey to you.  

Call or email them and let them know that you are addressing their pain points and would like to know where you can improve upon them. Many times, customers are happy to tell you exactly what they need from you. 

If someone has been in business with you then offering them a discount on their next purchase is a great way to retain that customer for a long time. Not only will you add credibility to your brand but also have a long list of loyal customers that keep coming back for more.  

One can also send them info well in advance for sales and other members-only activities. People love part of being something exclusive and you can entice them with your loyalty programs.  

Cross Sell and Upsell 

Cross-selling is when you have a sale locked in but insist on selling something as an add-on. You can make suggestions based on the products that they are buying or just list things that might be complimentary to their purchases.  

This way you can add more sales to your business with not a lot of effort.  

In the End 

Your remarketing efforts combined with engaging sales tactics will help you get the best out of your efforts in the long run.  

Apoorv Singh Kathait
Apoorv Singh Kathait
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