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How Have Sales Changed From 2023 to 2024


“Change” is the only constant, and that is true in the world of sales, too. There have been many changes in sales techniques and strategies over the years, but now the pace is more accelerated than ever.

A decade ago, sales patterns used to be fairly simple to see and modify your strategy accordingly. But today that is not the case. With the pandemic raging in 2020 and 2021 being the year of recovery, 2024 is going to be different too.

Here are a few changes that you will see in 2024 

Existing Customer Base Should Be Prioritized 

In 2024, till now, the already existing customer base is what has kept brands afloat. People now need to trust the brands that they have bought from over the years. This will set a good precedent for the rest of the year too.

With the pandemic and everything moving online, there has been a massive influx of people to online stores. But acquiring new customers is hard in this landscape. That is why returning customers are your best bet.


With the new google algorithm also taking “Customer Experience” into consideration while ranking and indexing, personalization will be more important than ever. Not only will you have to custom tailor a lot of things, but personalize them for each individual too. You cannot use the same scripts and ads that you used to use in 2020 or before. 

Having a personalized note at the start of the mail or banner is a great way to make a good impression. Once you have your foot in the door, you can sell them higher ticket items too. You will need to do more research, but it’ll be worth it. 

Sales and Marketing Must Be in Sync

Sales and marketing have always been at loggerheads but in a competitive way. Now in 2024, they will have to find a way to work together and maximize profits. This will help you be a more streamlined brand that will rake in profits in 2024.

Poor customer experience and bad leads will need to be vetted out as soon as possible. 

Building Trust

Trust is another big thing that you will have to focus on in 2024. People do not trust brands anymore. There has been a surge in the number of brands in the market and people are warier than ever.

You need to win them over and establish trust. Offer different types of online payments and let them choose. Give discounts often and have a clear line of communication with them. All this will help build a connection with them.

Increase Interaction

At first, there only used to be a confirmation email with the customer after they paid. Increased interaction helps build a connection with the lead. Giving them insider discounts and also contacting them at different points in a funnel are great ways. 

In the End

Strategies and techniques that are used to work will no longer be effective for the rest of 2024. But the good news is that you can modify your old strategies to suit the requirement for 2024 easily. 

Apoorv Singh Kathait
Apoorv Singh Kathait
Apoorv Kathait is a tech enthusiast with 5 years of experience in writing and editing content. His expertise lies in turning complex concepts into simple, engaging narratives, making tech topics accessible to a broader audience. Apoorv is passionate about the latest tech gadgets, software trends, AI, and blockchain. In his free time, he enjoys strumming his favorite tunes on the guitar.

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