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Five Steps to Overcome Sales Anxiety: Post Social Distancing


Even before the epidemic struck, it was found that salespeople, both inexperienced and seasoned veterans, frequently had to force themselves to make prospecting a daily practice. Sales anxiety and social anxiety appear to be reaching their peaks right now. The good news is that social behavior comes naturally to us. You can overcome post-social distance sales anxiety by following these doable steps and getting back out there! 

Talk to One Stranger Daily  

Although the perfect practice may not exist, it will undoubtedly aid in your ability to deal with sales anxiety. Try striking up a conversation with someone on the street. Talking with strangers will become a habit the more you push yourself beyond your social comfort zone. 

Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  

One of the most effective methods for overcoming sales anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy. It entails questioning your assumptions about what prospects are thinking and the worst-case scenarios. Examining your fears will help you start to let go of the unfavorable assumptions that are probably keeping you afraid. 

Reintroducing Sales into Your Routine  

The secret is to start small if prospecting is giving you worry. You shouldn’t expect to be able to pick up the phone and place ten calls immediately. Set reasonable goals for yourself, and when you achieve them, you’ll have more courage to take risks. 

Use the Five-Sense Method  

Use the “five senses” technique to refocus yourself when prospecting and you start to feel nervous about where the discussion is going. Asking yourself these five questions will help you stop your self-defeating thoughts: What is the prospect saying? What is genuinely taking place at this moment? I see what? Whoa, what’s that? How am I feeling? 

Don’t Focus Only on Sales 

Anxiety is almost always brought on by concentrating on the transaction. You lose sight of your objectives and intentions if you begin to view yourself as someone who is trying to sell a good or service. You will feel more confident being pushy if you keep in mind that you are providing your prospect with a service. 


For many people, socialization is a skill that must be learned. You can protect yourself against sales anxiety by introducing yourself little by little. With some effort, you’ll discover that your center is still the sales rockstar that it was prior to the pandemic. 

Prachi Subhedar
Prachi Subhedar
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