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Best Real-Life Sales Moghuls to Learn From


Sales is the art of selling people a solution to the problems that they are having. It makes the person’s life easy and the by-product is that you make some money on the side. It is not as easy as it seems, but these masters are the perfect people to learn from.

Hone your ‘Sales Techniques’ with these Gurus 

Mary Kay Ash

Have you heard of the model in which you get a product and then sell it to your near and dear ones. Then they do the same until millions of units are sold. If all this is very familiar then you may be familiar with multi-level marketing. 

Mary Kay Ash was able to convince other women to sell to other people, that is how Mary Kay Cosmetics was started. Today it is one of the biggest cosmetics brands in the world, relying mostly on word of mouth. Today it is known as multi-level marketing and Mar Kay has been pioneering it for 50 years now. 

Dale Carnegie

The author of “How to Win Friends and Influence” is one of the best resources to learn from. He had a variety of sales jobs over the years and used distinct rules that work for most situations. Engagement and giving importance to the client is high on the priority list.

These two points alone will help you win over people and help you push more sales. The book has over 25 principles that will help you win over people and influence them in the long run. 

Erica Feidner

Imagine you have a big and bulky product, that is hard to move, produce, and susceptible too. Add to that the fact that your product will have to be hand-assembled then you will understand what Erica was trying to sell.

Steinway pianos are some of the best-built Grand Pianos, in the world. Erica is known for writing copies and selling more than $40 million worth of pianos. She made valuable offers to people and aimed to inspire people rather than make a sales pitch. She inspired people to discover and explore their latent talent.

Zig Ziglar

One of the most prolific salesmen of all time, Zig Ziglar started his sales journey as a salesman for pots and pans and later for cooking utensils. But the way he sold them was what was so revolutionary about him. 

He would make interesting demonstrations and use wit and humor to sell the products. Later on, he got hired by more and more companies to sell their products. He also went on to write a book that lay out a plan to sell the best way to people and how to get more from people. 

If this wasn’t enough he also became a motivational speaker and inspired millions of people during his lifetime.

In the End

Most of these people who started in sales went on to become behemoths in their fields. You should read up on their lives and apply some of the techniques to your life. Who knows maybe you will be featured in this list a few years later. 

Apoorv Singh Kathait
Apoorv Singh Kathait
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