Home News This Poetry-centric Social Media Startup Is Giving Authors an Eco-friendlier Alternative to Traditional Publishing

This Poetry-centric Social Media Startup Is Giving Authors an Eco-friendlier Alternative to Traditional Publishing

This Poetry-centric Social Media Startup Is Giving Authors an Eco-friendlier Alternative to Traditional Publishing

While traditional publishing has relied on the cost savings of printing in bulk and overseas, the impact is a heavier carbon footprint and more waste in landfills. Poetizer, the social media platform exclusively for poetry is not only giving people a voice through the healthy expression of poetry, but also a supportive community, and a way to earn additional income through its new eco-friendly publishing platform, Poetizer Publishing. The company wants to be part of the climate crisis solution and make it easier for users to become published poets.

In the past decade, and especially during the pandemic, poetry has had a resurgence in what some are calling a full-on renaissance, most recently fueled by the pandemic. Launched in 2018, the social media startup Poetizer, the first social media platform dedicated to all things poetry, continues to grow despite little to no promotion. Its 330,000, primarily GenZ users in 120 countries are mostly located in the U.S., where people are looking for more positive social channels and alternatives for community and healthy self-expression of shared feelings around life, societal issues, economic and global concerns. Now, Poetizer wants its users to become published authors.

Unless you’re an established, bankable writer, a majority of writers, in all genres, have always had a difficult time getting published and earning a good income. In August 2022, Poetizer Publishing launched the most eco-friendly publishing platform with the goal of allowing anyone to become published poets and generate real income by selling books on its platform with a built-in community of poetry lovers.

Lukas Sedlacek, Poetizer CEO, says that traditional publishing is antiquated and often done in another country in large quantities and then shipped to a country where books are then shipped again to readers or stores. Unsold books typically end up in landfills.

“The publishing industry is the world’s third largest industrial greenhouse emitter. We believe that we can reduce waste and be a more environmentally responsible company by changing the way books are printed and delivered,” said Sedlacek. “By rethinking the process, we can greatly reduce the waste and carbon footprint of publishing by printing on demand closest to the final point of delivery.”

Launched in August 2022, Poetizer Publishing provides an easy all-in-one tech solution for authors that lets them easily and quickly have their work formatted, illustrated, printed, shipped and sold and giving authors a way to market their books to their followers on Poetizer and making it available in its online Bookstore.

“Authors in the US are typically impoverished with 80% earning less than sufficient income,” said Sedlacek. “Poetizer Publishing is the easiest to use platform for self-publishing authors and we can offer them the ability to earn more income than other platforms.”

He added that the complexities of self-publishing platforms today coupled with the toll the current publishing process takes on the environment, the industry is ripe for new innovation that is easier, more eco-friendly and sustainable.

In recognition of World Mental Health Day Monday, October 10, 2022, Poetizer is encouraging everyone to write at least one poem to experience the positive effect writing poetry can have on mental and emotional health.

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