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There Are Several Major Advertising Firms in Charlotte, but Wray Ward, Mythic, Brandon Agency, and Union Stand Out

There Are Several Major Advertising Firms in Charlotte, but Wray Ward, Mythic, Brandon Agency, and Union Stand Out

The most recent Charlotte Business Journal lists the area’s largest advertising and marketing agencies. One list is ranked by number of full-time local employees and another by local office revenue, defined as the sum of three things: commissions on media billings, markups on materials and services, and actual fees. Wray Ward tops both of those lists with $20 million in local office revenue in 2021 and 157 local employees. The company counts Velux America, Huber Engineered Woods and Sunbelt Rentals among its notable accounts.

Mythic is No. 2 on the lists, with $15.4 million in local office revenue and 77 employees here. The agency counts Ally Financial, Cone Health and MetLife among its notable accounts. Rounding out the top-earning agencies are The Brandon Agency, Union and Bespoke Sports & Entertainment, all with over $8 million in local office revenue in 2021.

CBJ also ranked agencies by their local office’s 2021 digital revenue. Wray Ward tops that list with digital revenue of $13 million in 2021. Union is No. 2, with $10.1 million in revenue from digital marketing and advertising.

As part of the survey, we asked local advertising executives how Charlotte companies can best shift their messaging to connect with the city’s newer and younger residents. Here’s what they said.

Charlotte-area companies should stay on the high road, emphasizing the upside possibilities of the city’s growth. That growth has generated much scrutiny and a host of negative stories. It calls upon Charlotte companies to be authentic advocates of the Charlotte brand, highlighting the demonstrative advantages of living here – employment opportunities, growing arts scene, favorable climate, diverse culture and yes, affordability versus other big cities. Celebrate why Charlotte is thriving and provide practical advice on navigating the city’s growing pains. Connecting with this audience means showing up where they are: social media channels; sponsoring local events; and partnering with local economic development organizations to amplify the message about why Charlotte is a great place to start and grow a career. — Taylor Bryant, CMO, mythic.

I’ve lived in Charlotte for 30 years now. It’s always been a fast-growing city, but the growth rate over the last decade has been incredible. It’s been exciting to see neighborhoods like South End, NoDa, Dilworth and Plaza Midwood develop and flourish into their own communities. There are so many more of these neighborhoods around the city growing in tandem with the business around them. If you’re trying to build a local business, I would focus on supporting these efforts and being a valued member of the local community. — Cary Murphy, Charlotte regional president and content director, The Brandon Agency

Most people moved here for rational reasons like lower taxes, affordable housing or the booming job market. But for brands to resonate with consumers, they need to connect to an emotional element. For instance, we know that people who relocate are often explorers at heart, so our “Firsts That Last” campaign for Visit North Carolina tries to tap into that emotional driver by showcasing an array of beautiful places that new residents can visit. — Brooks Luquire, CEO, Luquire.

Research. Research. Research. It’s essential to understand the mindset of those who are moving here and those who are staying here. The tension of balancing messaging to newcomers and natives is not new; growth has been steady over many years. Our local companies need to continue focusing on what makes us so unique – a strong economy, appreciation of culture and a feeling that everyone can engage and make a difference. — Carrie McCament, CEO, Chernoff Newman.

The evolution of Charlotte can leave one in awe with opportunity. Charlotte-area companies should accentuate growth opportunities within the organization and its culture, yet the focus should not be exclusively within the company walls. Consider pathways of growth for emerging professionals, and frankly all employees, including personal and professional development initiatives outside of the organization that breed in a thriving environment. This mindset enables companies to attract and retain talent in an ever-changing landscape. — C. Ryan Burkett, senior partner, Stratagon Inc.

Effective messaging is always informed by audience awareness and solid research. It’s all too easy to come across as pandering or fake to a younger audience that values authenticity, so knowing what matters to them and how your company’s offering and mission align with their values is key. Also, thoughtful positioning is vital to differentiating your brand in an increasingly crowded market, as is an effective marketing strategy that gives you the right tools to reach them. — Lauren Bickerstaff, creative director, Saturday Brand Communications.

The more Charlotte-area companies specifically reach out and engage younger audiences, the better the new and younger audiences will be able to relate to them. A great example of this is the Lowe’s Home Improvement sponsorship of the Camden Commons Street Fair. This is a one-day event on three separate weekends in the South End featuring local vendors, artists, and food purveyors. Lowe’s sets up in front of their new Technology Headquarters on Camden Street and engages with individuals, couples, and families (plus their dogs) with fun activities and innovative product offerings. Lowe’s reflects the welcoming personality of Charlotte employing fun “one on one” interactions targeted to these new arrivals and younger consumers. Simple, but very engaging. – Jim Bailey, president and CEO, Red Moon Marketing, Red Moon Marketing LLC.

We shift our messages via many of the social media channels and we mostly just try to keep everyone informed faster, quicker and with a simpler call-to-action message. People are moving very fast, are more impatient these days and information is coming at them from everywhere via their smartphones. So we have to make sure we continually stay consistent and persistent. It is a delicate balance to make sure we don’t supply too much information which leads to information overload. — Jack Burke, CEO, BRK Global Marketing Inc.

First, you should consider how the three major changes we noted above will impact your business and how you can adjust your model, efforts, tech-stack to accommodate. Define tactics you can execute on a consistent basis that help to strengthen current relationships and begin building new ones. For example, you can consider elevating your social media presence (the foundation of today’s digital marketing) to drive awareness, blogs and newsletters to increase engagement, and referral codes, paid ads, and local partnerships to drive conversions (be patient and following the test and learn process). Most importantly, take time to put a strategy in place and hold yourself accountable for execution. It’s easy to let these efforts slip to the wayside, but they are critically important when it comes to revenue and net profit growth. – Daniel Gibson, managing partner, NiceDay.

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