Home News The Vegan Nutrition Company, Rockin’ Wellness, Inc., Has Just Announced a Branding Campaign Starring Supermodel Donna Feldman

The Vegan Nutrition Company, Rockin’ Wellness, Inc., Has Just Announced a Branding Campaign Starring Supermodel Donna Feldman

The Vegan Nutrition Company, Rockin’ Wellness, Inc., Has Just Announced a Branding Campaign Starring Supermodel Donna Feldman

Rockin’ Wellness Inc., one of the original, leading, and top-performing vegan, nutritional companies in the United States, has announced an exclusive partnership with supermodel and actress Donna Feldman. Through the partnership, Feldman will be the official ambassador of the new Vegan Collagen Revitalizer product.

“Being in a beauty-focused industry has allowed me to learn all of the tips and tricks of the trade. Now I’ve found something that has pretty much all of it in one amazing package. It’s the Collagen Revitalizer from Rockin’ Wellness. This natural vegan mix allows me to get all the nutrients I need in one shot to get my hair, skin, and nails on point. Taking care of myself means people in my life don’t get what’s left of me, they get the best of me.” said Feldman. “As a supermodel and actress, plant-based nutrition has played a vital role in my physical and mental everyday health, beauty and wellness routine. It’s an honor to represent Rockin’ Wellness Inc., a brand that prioritizes superior product quality and innovation in product creation.”

Feldman will be sharing her daily wellness journey and beauty routine and how she incorporates Rockin’ Wellness Vegan Collagen Revitalizer into her everyday routine. The partnership includes local and national outreach, educational videos and social media collaborations.

“Rockin’ Wellness Inc. is so excited to partner with Donna Feldman as we expand our brand presence to both existing and new customers that are health and wellness conscious,” said Allison Luker, co-founder and partner. “Donna’s personal insight to real-life behind-the-scenes of home life with juggling her career with being a mom will definitely inspire people. We are grateful to work with her, especially to have Donna invite engaging interaction and conversations between her and our customers.”

Rockin’ Wellness’ new Vegan Collagen Revitalizer and other products are available to order through our exclusive website nationwide. We give people a way to enhance their everyday wellness routines through the daily consumption of our vegan, healthy, plant-based, Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free and organically and sustainably grown ingredients. The Vegan Collagen Revitalizer gives the body what it needs to help restore lost collagen due to the natural aging process. We formulated our unique blend with the added benefits of 1000mg of vegan collagen peptides, protein, vitamin C, aloe vera and electrolytes. Rockin’ Wellness’ premium easy-to-use products, consisting of powdered mixes and tinctures, are precisely formulated to support gut health, strengthen the immune system, assist in mental clarity and focus and increase energy.

The Rockin’ Wellness’ brand ambassador partnership with model, Donna Feldman aims to promote awareness of the health benefits and ease of use, while embracing the plant-based powers of the all-natural ingredients with no fillers, additives or preservatives in our Vegan Collagen Revitalizer. The brand has been in existence since 2011 and was one of the first to create a vegan, nutritional smoothie and shake mix with our signature product being the Chocolate Cacao nutritional smoothie and shake mix.

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