Home News The Use of Social Media by Nonprofit Volunteer Organisations to Advance Their Missions

The Use of Social Media by Nonprofit Volunteer Organisations to Advance Their Missions

The Use of Social Media by Nonprofit Volunteer Organisations to Advance Their Missions

Local volunteering organizations are using social media to fundraise and promote their messages.

Law enforcement recently spoke with the News-Press NOW on how social media is a positive tool when it comes to community outreach, but other organizations are seeing the same effects.

Misty Coyle, the program director of the Youth Volunteer Corps of St. Joseph, said that while people often focus on the negatives of social media, there are many positives.

“I think part of what we learn in life is that social media can have its downfalls, but the perks are use these sites as tools,” Coyle said.

One of the social media platforms that Coyle has pointed out being used by the kids at YVC is Tik Tok. Regarding a new program with YCV and Patrick Mahomes’ foundation, Coyle said kids are using Tik Tok to participate in volunteering challenges for a chance to win an autographed Chiefs item.

“The participants have to provide a miniature video about why volunteering is good for them or why do they like volunteering or something about their favorite project (at the center).”

Coyle said that kids using this app have the opportunity to shine.

“It’s a really awesome chance for kids to really voice what it is they do and what they like. I think it’s up to us adults to just listen,” Coyle said.

Social media also benefits the Noyes Home for Children in various ways.

Chelsea Howlett, executive director of the Noyes Home for Children, said that social media can directly benefit the organization by sharing the Noyes Home’s story.

“It helps us to tell the community about opportunities to come on site for tours as well as our major events they can get involved in,” Howlett said. “It’s pretty phenomenal to see how far some of our messages reach out in the social media world.”

Howlett said that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give the community opportunities to donate money through online fundraising.

“It really helps by taking a few moments to type up a message, tell your friends that you support the Noyes Home and that you want them to do the same,” Howlett said.

Creating a Facebook fundraiser that links to a nonprofit like the Noyes Home is processed with no fees. All non-profits on Facebook fundraising are registered charities that the platform reviews.

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