Home News The “IT’s About Trust” Marketing Campaign Is Going to Be Launched Nationwide by Telesystem

The “IT’s About Trust” Marketing Campaign Is Going to Be Launched Nationwide by Telesystem

The “IT’s About Trust” Marketing Campaign Is Going to Be Launched Nationwide by Telesystem

Telesystem, a leading nationwide provider of voice, networking and cybersecurity solutions, has announced the launch of a nationwide brand awareness marketing campaign centered around ‘trust’.

Telesystem’s ‘IT’s About Trust’ campaign will highlight the importance of trust in I.T. solutions and will focus on the idea that technology is not perfect, may fail from time to time, and it’s important for businesses to choose a technology provider that they can trust to provide the highest level of support in the most difficult of times. The robust campaign includes newspaper and television spots in various markets, 15 and 30-second spots on various OTT digital platforms and websites, as well as search engine keyword and website retargeting ads. Beyond branding, Telesystem will also serve call-to-action email and digital marketing efforts targeted to decision makers in specific vertical market segments.

As part of the campaign, Telesystem is simultaneously launching a makeover of its website, with focused content demonstrating why businesses in each market segment trust Telesystem. Each landing page will feature vertically relevant statistics, case studies, and testimonials from key customers. The Telesystem website will receive a new URL as part of the campaign; www.TrustTelesystem.com, which will redirect to the current site (www.Telesystem.us), and industry-specific pages will also have unique and easily remembered URLs.

“As we move into an aggressive phase of growth that includes significant network expansion and groundbreaking new products, we feel that the time is right to amplify our brand with a strong and clear message – Trust,” said Telesystem Chief Revenue Officer Bruce Wirt. “More than anything else, decision-makers in the SME and enterprise sectors choose their technology provider for performance and peace of mind. They want a partner that will walk side by side with them through the most challenging times. Ultimately, they want a provider that brings them the best mix of technology combined with job security. They want to sleep well at night knowing their network is being cared for by a provider they trust.”

The campaign launched on Aug. 1, 2022.

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