Home News The IAB Tech Lab Has Launched a Global Privacy Platform (GPP), Which Will Bring Together Domestic and Global Privacy Signals for Digital Advertising

The IAB Tech Lab Has Launched a Global Privacy Platform (GPP), Which Will Bring Together Domestic and Global Privacy Signals for Digital Advertising

The IAB Tech Lab Has Launched a Global Privacy Platform (GPP), Which Will Bring Together Domestic and Global Privacy Signals for Digital Advertising

Following two years of collaboration with the industry and consultation processes with technical and legal experts across the globe, IAB Tech Lab, the digital advertising technical standards-setting body, is proud to announce the launch of the Global Privacy Platform (GPP). GPP is a product of IAB Tech Lab’s Project Rearc initiative. It is a single protocol designed to streamline transmitting privacy, consent, and consumer choice signals from sites and apps to ad tech providers, and integrates with existing privacy signals from Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework and the CCPA in the United States.

The GPP enables advertisers, publishers, and technology vendors in the digital advertising industry to adapt to regulatory demands across markets. It reduces the cost of managing privacy compliance and helps publishers mitigate privacy risks by providing CMPs a single framework to encode and transmit consumer privacy preferences, which they can leverage globally and across all platforms and channels. Starting today, the GPP will be available for public comment for 60 days, and will be further discussed during the upcoming IAB Tech Lab Summit: Transcend on Thursday, June 9.

“Consumer privacy is a global issue with local and regional interpretations. One-off solutions and protocols cannot solve cross-jurisdictional consumer privacy and control challenges in the advertising ecosystem,” said Anthony Katsur, CEO, of IAB Tech Lab. “After two years of industry-wide collaboration and significant legal and technical investment, the GPP is ready for global industry adoption to provide consistent privacy and consent controls across all digital media channels. The GPP ensures that consumer privacy remains at the core of everything we do through a single platform. This is the first version of the GPP. We will continue investing in and developing the protocol for both the consumer and industries evolving needs. Our work has only just begun.”

The GPP provides the flexibility required to support the needs of users, publishers, and advertisers for privacy and consumer consent. Publishers, advertisers, and ad service providers will benefit from the reduced cost of maintaining privacy and data protection controls for users across the regions they operate in. Additionally, consumers will enjoy more transparency, choice, and control when it comes to their personal data. The GPP also helps ad service providers mitigate risk by reducing the fragmentation of privacy signaling, accommodating regional and international differences in privacy and data protection laws, and reducing the complexity of the consumer transparency and control signals they receive.

“Regulations are hitting the books faster than we can build individual solutions for,” said Andrea Giannangelo, Founder, CEO & Head of Product, iubenda. “Having our teams build to one protocol saves us loads of headache and puts us in a more sustainable place to stay on top of evolving privacy and data protection laws across the jurisdictions we operate in.”

“The fact that the Global Privacy Platform is not a one-size-fits-all approach is really positive. It’s open and extensible, and equips the industry with both a technical standard and comprehensive set of tools to approach new jurisdictions with the capability to comply with local laws and consumer expectations,” said Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK. “It will play an instrumental role in our industry when it comes to striking a balance between privacy and sustaining an ad-supported digital media ecosystem.”

“Privacy regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, PIPEDA, and numerous new local privacy laws, create immense complexity and fragmentation in the market. The GPP is intended to enable participants across the advertising supply chain to navigate the complexity of numerous overlapping global privacy laws through a single platform and consent signaling protocol,” said Jason J. Raqueno, Senior Director, Privacy, IAB Tech Lab. “GPP is designed to allow adopters to respond quickly to regional changes to privacy and data protection laws at a minimal cost.”

IAB Tech Lab encourages publishers, brands, media companies, and legislative officials to provide feedback that aligns with their own requirements.

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