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Tempe’s Premier Public Relations Firm, Lucid Leverage, LLC

Tempe’s Premier Public Relations Firm, Lucid Leverage, LLC

Lucid Leverage LLC, an SEO agency in Tempe, AZ, is proud to announce that they are also one of the leading PR companies in Tempe and surrounding areas. They want to stress the importance of issuing a press release (PR) whenever there is great news about the company. This will let people know about the business and brand, which creates an impact with the company’s target audience, including bloggers, the press, social media, and Google. Once they pick up the new PR and feature them in their blog posts or news stories, the PR will get wide exposure with a larger audience in the relevant market for the company while also influencing the search engines.

Chris Quintela, owner and founder of Lucid Leverage LLC, says, “At Lucid Leverage, we have a unique approach to effective press release writing that focuses on powerful messaging and producing high-quality content. We also have a huge network of social media hubs and affiliations to networks like Yahoo Finance, Gannett, FOX, ABC, NBC and the CW (among others), to connections with influencers and sources like Google News. Our network brings a lot of power over the search engines so your brand name gets more visibility on Google. Working with an experienced PR agency will put you at a strong advantage to your competitors.”

The PR writing team at Lucid Leverage can provide press releases that will help streamline a customer’s content requirements and attract the appropriate attention from the right audience. Their press releases have a number of advantages, such as: increasing sales potential, enhancement of SEO efforts; and boosting of the company’s digital brand. Clients can expect a number of things from a PR written by Lucid Leverage, including: experienced and qualified writers; SEO optimized; original content; journalistic tone; and edited and proofread content.

Lucid Leverage offers various kinds of digital marketing services, such as: local SEO; press release services; reputation management; social media marketing; web design services; and YouTube marketing services. Local SEO has to do with the proper listing of the business on Google Maps for the services provided. Reputation management has to do with suppressing bad reviews and news about the company and replacing them with the company’s five star reviews. They will use modern technology and techniques to lower the ranking of those bad reviews so as to remove them from the top page of Google. And they will create Hollywood style videos to proudly showcase the company’s happy and satisfied customers.

Social media marketing management can also be provided by Lucid Leverage. This is vital because people no longer just use social media for entertainment. They are using these sites to keep themselves informed and to help them in critical buying decisions. Thus, appropriate messaging and targeted hashtagging in social media is now critical for a business to remain visible and relevant in online marketing. It is important to note that what a business says and does on social media can actually hamper the company’s ability to attract new customers.

They also provide web design services to ensure that a company’s website is customized and will perform well on the search engines. Their website design and website development services has to do with being user friendly, searchable, and driving leads and sales to the business.

Established in 2015, Lucid Leverage LLC is a digital marketing agency that focuses on offering services for SEO, YouTube marketing, social media marketing, and online reputation management, across the United States, Canada, and the UK. Their team of professionals have several years of experience in working with the largest companies and they are experts in the Internet marketing and web hosting industry. Their experts have been offering SEO services since 2005 and both their partnerships and experience in New York City, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, have enabled them to come up with highly effective digital marketing techniques that cause their clients to have a formidable presence on the search engine results, even for small businesses.



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