Home News Shareholder Communications and Digital Healthcare Marketing Campaign Retained by MetAlert From Investcore Media and Strategic Innovations

Shareholder Communications and Digital Healthcare Marketing Campaign Retained by MetAlert From Investcore Media and Strategic Innovations

Shareholder Communications and Digital Healthcare Marketing Campaign Retained by MetAlert From Investcore Media and Strategic Innovations

MetAlert, Inc. (OTC: GTXOD), a pioneer in the field of health & safety, wearable GPS human and asset tracking systems, announced it has retained Investcore Media and Strategic Innovations to provide digital marketing services aimed at building greater awareness for its medical wellness devices geared for the senior and autistic healthcare market. With a targeted consumer base around 34 million people across 24 countries where MetAlert has an existing business presence in over 20 of those countries.

Investcore Media will assist in providing a range of digital marketing services incorporating content strategy, data analytics, search-based marketing, collateral creation, and social media strategies aimed at increasing the MetAlert brand in the telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) industry.

Strategic Innovations will assist MetAlert in shareholder communications in developing internal shareholder and media communications for better transparency. Shareholder communications is a critical element to any business plan to help keep the investment community informed on current and upcoming investor related events.

The media team will also be working on developing a national marketing campaign to include investor conferences and healthcare expos across the United States. Strategic innovations will also be handling shareholder communications through social media and will soon be introducing the Ambassador Shareholder program. A specialized program with benefits for the longstanding shareholders of the company.

Metalert has made some major business changes recently, including adding a new public relations and marketing team which has already resulted in new domestic and international media attention. The media has been quick to take note of the Company’s new direction, in a recent article Market Herald wrote – Metalert has always been a company to watch. They were one of the first to bring GPS wearable technology to the market and continue to be a leader in the field. Now, they are expanding their product offerings to include telemedicine services, other wearables that integrate with their GPS SmartSole platform, and new fall detection and remote patient monitoring (RPM) product called RoomMate. And in another article from Market Herald, Metalert is quoted as saying that “Our primary focus is and always will be to protect and grow shareholder value. We are confident that our new name and symbol better reflect our commitment to this goal.”

Since the rebranding went effective two weeks ago, MetAlert has received a significant amount of media coverage both domestically and internationally. The Company was mentioned in dozens of media outlets including FOX News, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Yahoo Finance, NY Business Digest, PubCo Insights, Belmont Star and Herald Market and Security Solutions Watch just to name a few, and internationally MetAlert news was reported in Mexico, Canada, Japan, India, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, and New Zealand.

The Company has several scheduled interviews in the coming weeks and will continue its media campaign to increase brand awareness for MetAlert and explain its broader vison centered around solutions that improve health, safety, wellness, longevity, and quality of life.

Patrick Bertagna MetAlert CEO commented, “We are in a transformational period right now as MetAlert promises to keep all its innovative elements but also build out its portfolio with complimentary business silos. We truly believe ‘knowledge is health’ and the technologies and solutions we plan to bring to the marketplace will have a significant positive impact on the senior and autistic communities we have been serving for years.”

MetAlert will be temporarily trading under the ticker symbol GTXOD for one more week until a new permanent ticker symbol will be assigned to the Company. Click here to watch short video update.

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