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Royal Purple® Branding Campaign “No Matter What Drives You”

Royal Purple® Branding Campaign “No Matter What Drives You”

“No Matter What Drives You.” It’s the new, multiphase branding campaign from leading global synthetic lubricants brand, Royal Purple®. Industry trends show consumers trading up from conventional motor oils to premium synthetic motor oils, and the Royal Purple® brand’s street credit and word-of-mouth reputation have positioned the brand to be a driving force in the high-performance synthetics category. The new campaign is designed to expand their growing consumer success in the premium synthetics category into new markets and industries as the brand grows globally.

Used by everyone from daily drivers to NASA®, Royal Purple® products have proven to be the most advanced lubricants on the market to improve fuel economy, performance, and the life of equipment and vehicles. Their initial success in developing industrial and high-performance racing lubricants led to organic growth in geographic reach as well as the types of industries served, creating the need for a strong and diverse branding campaign.

“Royal Purple® products have earned exceptional word-of-mouth awareness because we have delivered superior results for 35 years,” said Rusty Waples, Director of Brand & Product Marketing at Calumet Branded Products, LLC, which owns and manufactures the Royal Purple® brand. “In developing a branding campaign, it was critical for us to pay homage to this. People talk about the Royal Purple® brand because of how we have delivered consistent lubrication results. Now, we want to share that message with a broader audience and show them what drives our loyal customers to choose Royal Purple®.”

Research shows diverse reasons for using Royal Purple® with one common thread: Royal Purple® is a premium brand that people trust. The campaign leverages that reputation to inspire those who have not yet tried Royal Purple® products to become loyal users.

“Our new branding campaign positions Royal Purple® as the brand driven to produce the best possible synthetic products ‘No Matter What Drives You,'” added Waples. “It might be family safety for a daily driver, reduced costs for a mining company, reliability for a ship or a farm tractor, a competitive edge for a racecar driver, or an environmentally friendly way to do business. At its heart, this campaign is designed to position Royal Purple® as the best solution, no matter what the need and no matter where it’s needed.”

One of the most critical requirements in developing the new Royal Purple® brand campaign was to inspire engagement from numerous industries and consumers across the globe. Royal Purple® products are sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Australia, Peru, Chile, Greece and Italy, among other countries. Additionally, their expansive product portfolio serves race cars, street cars, mining equipment, ships, motorcycles, drilling equipment, space craft, wind farms, big rigs, food-processing plants, construction vehicles and many other applications.

“The ingenuity of the ‘No Matter What Drives You’ brand is its ability to appeal to diverse audiences and motivate consumers,” said Waples. “It’s a great vehicle to clearly and simply communicate the breadth of Royal Purple’s® product offerings and benefits.”

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