Home News Ronn Torossian’s 2022 PR Campaigns Will Be the Most Successful Yet

Ronn Torossian’s 2022 PR Campaigns Will Be the Most Successful Yet

Ronn Torossian’s 2022 PR Campaigns Will Be the Most Successful Yet

According to Ronn Torossian, most companies understand how important it is to invest in public relations efforts. However, plenty of companies don’t understand which public relations strategies are the most effective for reaching their audiences and generating positive returns on investment.


Advertising campaigns have largely shifted in digital spaces as of late, with various tools like native advertising options and sponsored content allowing for companies to create user-specific rich content that’s going to tell a relevant story to each segment of the target audience, instead of having them see repetitive sales pitches or promotions. Additionally, consumers these days have a lot of choices regarding the content they want to engage with, which is why companies need to first understand what drives their target audiences. That means, to succeed, companies need to figure out how they can create content that’s going to educate, interest, or entertain the target audience, instead of solely investing in advertising campaigns in digital spaces.

Influencer campaigns

Ronn Torossian adds that press coverage, endorsements, as well as word-of-mouth marketing efforts have always relied on the most effective promotional strategy that a company has had in its toolbox, which is third-party credibility. No matter what the target audience of a company might be, one of the best ways for any company to generate more credibility with its target audience, it’s simply by having influential people tell the target audience why customers need to appreciate the company’s solutions. Now, with the rise of social media platforms, as well as self-publishing platforms, companies get the opportunity to work with very connected individuals whose content tends to carry a lot of influence with various niche audiences. Instead of solely focusing on interview slots, positive media coverage, and press releases, companies these days tend to prefer working with social media influencers and content creators. These are people that want to collaborate with brands to promote their solutions, and oftentimes, tend to have similar values and beliefs as the companies’ own, in order to create more effective campaigns. Additionally, when a company’s aesthetic, style, and target audience are well aligned with the ones of the influencer on that campaign, companies get the opportunity to turn their collaborations into a powerful marketing and public relations tool that gets a lot of positive results, including generating more leads and sales.

Traditional efforts and exclusivity

A lot of journals, magazines, broadcast shows, and different papers, still tend to carry a lot of weight and credibility with today’s customers. However, most of those publications are dealing with more competition than ever when it comes to companies trying to promote themselves through them. That’s why sending out a mass press release to every single publication available to the company is not going to generate any sort of positive results for that business. Instead, if a company wants to land earned media with some of the traditional public relations efforts, it needs to provide the outlet that’s being targeted with an exclusive angle.

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