Home News Permutive Brings Together Publishers, Brands, and Adtech Partners to Deliver Responsible Advertising When Customers Opt-out of Marketing

Permutive Brings Together Publishers, Brands, and Adtech Partners to Deliver Responsible Advertising When Customers Opt-out of Marketing

Permutive Brings Together Publishers, Brands, and Adtech Partners to Deliver Responsible Advertising When Customers Opt-out of Marketing

Permutive today launches the infrastructure for the responsible web – empowering hundreds of publishers, brands, and ad tech companies such as The Financial Times, Penske Media Corporation, RocketMill, Kimberley-Clark, and PubMatic to work together to use data responsibly and restore consumer trust.

The responsible web infrastructure comes at a critical time when consumers are increasingly opting out of sharing their information for advertising. Today, almost 40% of users are browsing in cookieless environments, and Permutive research shows that up to 55% of users in Europe are hitting ‘reject all’ on cookies.

In an industry facing increasing regulatory pressure, dwindling consumer trust, and reduced addressability, publishers, advertisers, and ad tech companies must create a new digital ecosystem marked by responsibility and built on first-party, non-PII, consented data. Permutive’s responsible web infrastructure is built with this in mind, delivering over 20 billion targeted impressions in 2021 via publisher-owned, consented data and with no third-party cookies entering the bitstream.

“The opportunity and importance for publishers and brands to collaborate are growing in significance,” says Ryan Lewis, Media Director at RocketMill. “Understanding the audience has always been paramount in marketing, now more than ever, and by understanding, creating, and activating audiences in a privacy-centric way, brands have a truly powerful opportunity to connect and create meaningful ad experiences with consumers.”

“Permutive has created new ways to work with some of the largest advertisers in the world,” says Brett Goverman, Associate VP, Data Strategy at PMC. “Publishers need to monetize all their audiences and have the tools to communicate who their audience is and why they are valuable. Success within the responsible web is twofold; one – control over your data, and two – successful monetization of your inventory and audience.”

Permutive gives publishers 100% addressability and the tools to activate audiences consistently across all media transaction types. Brands are able to activate first-party audiences by collaborating with the right media owners to extend the scale of their own data, and ad tech companies can build on Permutive’s infrastructure to deliver incremental value by offering their customers audiences that are addressable, consented, rich, and relevant.

Permutive has partnered with ad tech companies such as Neustar, PubMatic, and OpenX to build solutions for publishers and brands that deliver addressability at scale, without compromise.

“Permutive is an ideal partner to align with to protect consumer privacy while delivering high-performing, publisher first-party-data solutions that lead the industry,” says Andrew Barton, SVP, Addressability, and Marketplace at PubMatic.

“Publishers, brands, and ad tech partners are growing a new digital ecosystem using the Permutive infrastructure,” says Joe Root, CEO, and co-founder at Permutive. “Over 20 billion targeted impressions were delivered on our infrastructure in 2021; we’re excited to see this grow as the advertising industry moves to a more responsive web.”

Permutive’s infrastructure is helping the advertising industry work together to evolve from a web where data is open for anyone and everyone to use to a responsible web, leading to a trusted consumer experience that benefits publishers, advertisers, and ad tech companies alike.

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