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Pay-per-click (PPC) Agency PPC.Co Now Offers Amazon Ads Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) Agency PPC.Co Now Offers Amazon Ads Management

Leading PPC agency, PPC.co is pleased to announced that it is expanding its services to include Amazon advertising management services. The move comes as Amazon increasingly becomes a key player in the digital advertising landscape. eMarketer estimates that Amazon will account for 4.61% of all US purchases will flow through Amazon and its affiliate websites.

Because Amazon advertising is large and complex system that can be difficult to navigate without guidance, it is important for leading product companies to receive the expert guidance they need to optimize their search on Amazon.

PPC.co includes a team of certified Amazon Advertising Professionals who will help brands navigate the Amazon ad system and make the most of their Amazon ad spend. The agency also has experience managing other ecommerce platforms, such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Facebook.

PPC.co’s expansion into Amazon advertising management is a natural extension of its existing Google Ads management service, which has helped brands small and large to scale using paid advertising.

“Amazon advertising is a growing opportunity for brands and retailers. And as the largest ecommerce platform in the world, it’s one that can’t be ignored,” says Samuel Edwards, CMO of PPC.co. “As a leading paid advertising management agency, we have a team of certified Amazon Advertising Professionals who can help navigate the system and make the most of your ad spend.”

“You need to have a clear strategy in place before you start successfully advertising on Amazon. From choosing the right ad type to setting up budgets and targeting options, advertisers on Amazon consider various factors before starting their campaign. One of the most important decisions is to target the right audience. Advertisers can use Amazon’s data and targeting options to reach shoppers who are likely to be interested in their products. Another important consideration is ad budget. Advertisers need to set a budget that will allow them to reach their target audience while also getting a good return on investment. Finally, advertisers need to choose the right ad type for their products. There are a variety of ad types available on Amazon, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Advertisers need to choose an ad type that will allow them to achieve their desired results.”

PPC.co provides Amazon ads management because the ecommerce giant’s ad platform can be challenging to navigate. Constantly changing algorithms and a competitive landscape make it difficult to maintain a consistent advertising strategy. PPC.co’s ad management services include advanced and tested campaign guidelines, ensuring our clients can develop a clear and effective strategy for managing their Amazon advertising.

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