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Pain Management Sales and Marketing Deal Between InfuSystem and Ventis Pharma for the Whole Country

Pain Management Sales and Marketing Deal Between InfuSystem and Ventis Pharma for the Whole Country

InfuSystem Holdings, Inc. (NYSE American: INFU) (“InfuSystem” or the “Company”), a leading national health care service provider, facilitating outpatient care for durable medical equipment manufacturers and healthcare providers, today announced a national sales and marketing agreement with Ventis Pharma, a world leader in advancing surgical and chronic pain management solutions. The partnership will focus on sales and marketing of Ventis Pharma’s patented Endura-Kit™ brand of Enduracaine™, a local anesthetic compound. Endura-Kit™ consists of three non-opioid drugs – tetracaine, lidocaine, and epinephrine.

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to multi-modal pain management approaches. Multi-modal pain management aims to reduce or eliminate the use of opioids by combining two or more non-narcotic medications and/or techniques to manage pain. A variety of medications can be used along with methods such as nerve blocks, spinal anesthesia, or numbing agents that work together to target pain.

Ventis Pharma’s innovative, long-acting, very low-toxicity products are designed to reduce surgical pain and treat chronic pain conditions safely and effectively. These products are cost-effective and available throughout the U.S., to improve the quality of life for all patients.

Richard DiIorio, chief executive officer of InfuSystem, said, “We are pleased to partner with Ventis Pharma in providing a complementary pain management solution. Endura-Kit™ can be used in conjunction with our InfuBLOCK or as a standalone treatment – providing healthcare professionals and patients an exceptional alternative to oral opioid painkillers. The opioid epidemic in North America is a serious health care crisis. InfuSystem and Ventis Pharma are fully committed to doing our part in helping to reduce the use of oral opioids.”

“Our mission is to provide our customers leading-edge solutions by offering multiple treatment options for delivering quality care. From an operational perspective, this agreement provides the InfuSystem sales team with an exciting product that expands the solutions we offer to our customers, generates an additional revenue stream, and enhances the effectiveness of each sales call. We believe Ventis Pharma will be an excellent partner leading to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Tim Patrick, chief executive officer of Ventis Pharma, commented, “Endura-Kit™ provides anesthesiologists, surgeons, and CRNA with a better option than the current non-opioid post-op local anesthetic products currently available in the market. We look forward to working closely with InfuSystem and are excited to provide our products and services to our mutual healthcare customers and their patients. This partnership illustrates our unwavering commitment to delivering better medicine to more people while improving the patient’s healthcare experience.”

InfuSystem’s Pain Management team and Ventis Pharma will both be participating in the American Society of Anesthesiologists ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2022 meeting on October 21-25 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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