Home News Options for Effective Video Branding Have Been Made Available on All of TUBE Corporation’s Services improved .TUBE

Options for Effective Video Branding Have Been Made Available on All of TUBE Corporation’s Services improved .TUBE

Options for Effective Video Branding Have Been Made Available on All of TUBE Corporation’s Services improved .TUBE

TUBE Corporation, an Internet Startup that holds the worldwide exclusive license to create .TUBE domain names, announced today the launch of a platform that allows companies and video creators to establish a video brand, increase traffic, target audiences with precision and promote their content and brand beyond YouTube.

In today’s world, establishing and protecting a branded video identity is of paramount importance because video has taken over the internet by storm; over 90% of marketers manifest intentions to use Video for promoting their brands, and over 90% of all internet traffic is now Video. Video is one of the most effective ways to transmit information. Viewers retain 95% of a message presented to them in Video as compared to 10% when reading text, and marketers who use Video grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

“Nothing is simpler to begin a video branding strategy than placing a brand in the domain name that homes videos,” said Rami Schwartz, Founder, and CEO of TUBE Corporation “Presented with Kelloggs.tube, users instictively know what they will find, videos from a trusted source, the brand that they’ve known for ages. Using a branded domain name to create a short link to an individual video is something that can only be done with the organization’s explicit consent and direct involvement, making it the safest and most reassuring way to engage with the target audience”.

“Today’s consumers are drawn to authenticity and trust in branding, especially online. Brands are seeking the most direct path to engaging with their consumer and prospective customer base” said Jeff Gabriel & Amanda Waltz, co-founders of SAW.com, a top tier boutique brokerage that specializes in acquiring, selling, and appraising domains “Companies should make access easy for their brand loyalists as well as their prospective customers”.

The Seattle Latino Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, recently presented with the USHCC award for its innovation, uses SeattleLatino.Tube as a branding tool to engage it’s audience. Through a combination of redirect, content, utilitarian links, call to action links and a web playlist, the chamber has positioned its channel and videos in the mind of it’s affiliates who understand that, a link coming from seattlelatino.Tube, has videos with interesting and important information.

“Our Chamber and members believe in the power of Video” said Marcos Wanless, President and CEO of the Seattle Latino Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce “so we are focusing most of our efforts to build a robust video presence both on YouTube and beyond. The foundation to do that is our .TUBE domain name because it allows us to send users not only to individual videos but exactly to the moment in the video we want to feature”.

The startup also holds the USPTO Brand TUBE® for many classes, including 35, 38, 41, 42, 44, and 45, related to media, advertising, and internet services. What this means is that if a company owns a brand to the left side of the dot (i.e., SeattleLatino®), then the domain name SeattleLatino.tube® automatically becomes branded internet address and not simply a domain name. No other commercially available TLD can offer this additional layer of trademark protection, not even mighty .COM.

For all the above reasons, it is safe to assume that .TUBE is not only the best domain termination for the age of Video but also the most useful domain name available today. First, tube is cool, short, and memorable and it means Video all over the world. Users know what to expect when they see a .TUBE domain… Videos. Second, it has a set of free tools that let people use and take full advantage of their domain from the moment they buy it. Finally, it’s the only domain termination that offers an additional layer of trademark protection. With a powerful domain name that means Video throughout the world, a suite of services that enhances its capacity and functionality, and a clear path to creating a video trademark, .TUBE is poised to become the .COM of the age of Video.

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