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Mavrck Is TikTok’s Marketing Partner of the Year

Mavrck Is TikTok’s Marketing Partner of the Year

Mavrck, the leading influencer marketing platform for enterprise consumer brands, today announced it has been named an Official TikTok Marketing Partner. Mavrck now directly integrates with the TikTok Creator Marketplace, empowering marketers to easily find and activate TikTok creators at scale, track their performance, and integrate them into their holistic influencer marketing program.

The integration streamlines the end-to-end process of working with creators on TikTok and grants brand marketers access to the first-party data and analytics from TikTok – directly through the Mavrck platform. This means that marketers can find, activate, and communicate with TikTok Creator Marketplace-verified creators in the Mavrck platform, as well as to measure the creators’ performance with access to TikTok metrics like views, likes, shares, and engagement rate.

“Measurement and visibility into actionable data are paramount challenges that enterprise brand marketers say they face with creator marketing; this API integration brings the meaningful first-party data directly to the marketer so they can more effectively find the right TikTok creators and measure the results,” said Lyle Stevens, CEO, and Co-Founder of Mavrck. “We think TikTok will own brand marketing dollars over the next five years, and we’re rapidly seeing those budgets shift from other marketing channels. We’re looking forward to partnering with TikTok to build an ecosystem of trust that better serves both brands and creators.”

TikTok has seen its popularity continue to increase over recent years, with now 1 billion people around the world on the app. It’s also quickly growing as a marketing channel, with an impressive 92% of global users taking action after watching a TikTok video. And brands have taken notice. Between 2020 and 2021, Mavrck has seen a 390% increase in the number of its customer activations on TikTok.

“We are thrilled to closely partner with Mavrck to provide creators more opportunities to monetize and partner with brands to grow the connections they have with their audiences,” said Jyri Kidwell, Head of Creative Partnerships at TikTok. “We pride ourselves in working with industry-leading partners like Mavrck who truly understand the needs of consumer brands and creators alike.”

The TikTok partnership closely follows Mavrck’s recent announcement of a $135 million investment from Summit Partners to build a new class of enterprise software that solves creator measurement and monetization at scale, to better serve both sides of the ecosystem – brands and creators. Nearly 5,000 marketing professionals across more than 500 global consumer brands rely on the Mavrck platform to more effectively access and manage relationships with content creators; since 2014, brands on the platform have activated more than 3 million creators and paid more than $200 million in incentives.

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