Home News Madiad Will Try to Be a Helpful Branding and Marketing Agency for Blockchain Businesses in Vietnam and Around the World

Madiad Will Try to Be a Helpful Branding and Marketing Agency for Blockchain Businesses in Vietnam and Around the World

Madiad Will Try to Be a Helpful Branding and Marketing Agency for Blockchain Businesses in Vietnam and Around the World

Vietnam’s blockchain market is forecast to flourish in the upcoming months, driven by government backing, the business community’s interest, and the technology’s broad applicability. According to Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL), blockchain is being widely applied in major areas in Vietnam including financial services (83%), supply chains (40%) and public services (30%). Vietnam is ranked 9th on Triple A’s ranking of countries with the highest percentage of users holding cryptocurrency in the world. Moreover, experts say that the potential of blockchain in Vietnam is most evidently shown by the rate of Vietnamese adoption of blockchain products such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Specifically, Vietnam ranks first out of 146 countries and territories in terms of cryptocurrency adoption, followed by India, Pakistan, and Ukraine, according to analytics firm Chainalysis. With a young population who are active adopters of new technology, Vietnam is one of the largest markets for digital products and services in Southeast Asia. Hence, this seems to be a promising destination for foreign blockchain businesses eager to enter the country’s market.

Realizing the power of blockchain, a lot of companies in Vietnam are looking to integrate this kind of technology into their products or services, which requires them to struggle to convince and educate traditional customers. The catch is that, however, blockchain is still a novel term to the public, and most people often confuse blockchain with cryptocurrency. As a result, customers remain afraid to accept this technology regardless of its useful applications. This leads to a need for a branding and marketing agency to help businesses build their brands, approach customers, and expand their market.

The number of brand communication companies in Vietnam is countless, but there are few organizations specializing in brand building for blockchain-based enterprises. Fortunately, they have a “savior”. Madiad is a media agency in the Mekong Delta that actively supports blockchain companies to make brand awareness by offering ample services such as social media marketing, livestream & AMA, media production, community management, etc. The Madiad team consists of young, dynamic and creative members with different expertise and skills, especially deep knowledge and practical experience in the blockchain market. Having cooperated and worked with various technology companies and global projects, the team can delve into customer psychology as well as orient new blockchain users and stimulate customers’ demand.

Despite being recently founded, Madiad has built a large network of customers and partners thanks to its dedication, professionalism, and high-quality services. The company has established cooperative relations with numerous technology businesses, organizations, and investment funds such as Delta Labs Technology Joint Stock Company, Digital Asset Management Center (TSS), FundGo Startup & Innovation Fund, Jade Forest Capital, etc. The agency also provides effective communication campaigns for over 20 projects and a range of launch ceremonies, events, activities and competitions in the region, connecting the projects and enterprises with millions of institutional and individual customers and investors.

Aiming to become a leading blockchain media agency in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general, Madiad is constantly reinforcing its service quality, working processes, and human resources to help more blockchain startups and businesses stand out in the market.

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