Home News In Order to Better Serve Their Clients, Ancore Health Has Rebranded Under the Slogan “Mission-driven Healthcare Consulting”

In Order to Better Serve Their Clients, Ancore Health Has Rebranded Under the Slogan “Mission-driven Healthcare Consulting”

In Order to Better Serve Their Clients, Ancore Health Has Rebranded Under the Slogan “Mission-driven Healthcare Consulting”

Ancore Health, a cutting-edge healthcare consulting and analytics firm, is thrilled to unveil their updated branding, along with a newly designed website. Founded in late 2016, Ancore Health uses a mix of data analysis, strategy, and consulting to illuminate a path forward for healthcare providers. By partnering with healthcare leaders to align their economic goals with their mission, Ancore is empowering healthcare organizations with clear-cut paths for success.

Opened on the heels of his wife’s Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, Eric Passon founded Ancore Health in order to reimagine a world of healthcare that is mission-driven. In early 2016, the healthcare consulting and analytics ace made the radical decision to embrace some much-needed family time, following over 15 valuable years of experience at The Advisory Board Company and Southwind Health Partners. In his time away from the corporate world, Passon discovered a new passion: reinventing the world of healthcare. By the end of the year, he made the decision to start a new company, one that combined his operational, consulting, networking, and personal healthcare experience… Thus, Ancore Health was born.

Six years later, Ancore Health has empowered a wide portfolio of healthcare clients to bridge the gap between purpose and profit. Recently, they have moved into a new office space to accommodate business expansion and allow for necessary employee acquisition. Designed and executed by ThreeSixtyEight, the new branding and website reflect this new company footprint and Ancore’s continued growth. The user-friendly interface allows the viewer to quickly and easily navigate the site. Website visitors will also note a richer and more developed blog, where they can learn from Ancore’s top minds.

Founder Eric Passon says of the redesign: “Like many young companies our path from where we started was not 100% predictable. After five years, we have matured, hired talented people, served incredible clients, and most importantly know who we are and who we are not. This rebranding process has been the culmination of this journey. We are excited to tell our story and help provider groups unlock their potential.”

Ancore Health is grateful to ThreeSixtyEight for their hard work, and is delighted with the new branding and website. They look forward to providing their clients with a larger breadth of information in a more user-friendly format.

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