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Global Financial Institutions Can Benefit From Glia and Veritran’s Combined Digital Customer Service Solutions

Global Financial Institutions Can Benefit From Glia and Veritran’s Combined Digital Customer Service Solutions

Glia, the leader in Digital Customer Service (DCS), and Veritran, a leading global Low-Code solutions provider, announced a strategic partnership to offer digital-first customer support to financial institutions worldwide.

The partnership integrates Glia’s seamless Digital Customer Service (DCS) solution with Veritran’s suite of Business Solutions to complement its digital onboarding, payments, digital wallet, retail- and business-banking offering. A simple integration between the two companies will allow financial institutions to significantly enhance digital-first customer service, increase conversion rates, reduce call times and improve overall satisfaction.

The companies complement one another, sharing a vision and focus on the financial services market. Both have a proven record of customer success and a commitment to innovation, integration, simplicity and improved customer satisfaction. Together they will deliver a best-of-class user experience that responds to the current needs of the financial industry.

“The addition of Glia’s Digital Customer Service (DCS) solution is a strong fit for Veritran’s offering, allowing Veritran to deliver seamless digital experiences, streamline complex processes and enhance customer service strategy,” said Dan Michaeli, CEO and Co-Founder of Glia.

Glia’s Digital Customer Service solution provides an online experience that meets customers and members online and keeps them OnScreen without breaking the digital connection. Through its ChannelLess Architecture, Glia enables effortless transitions across SMS, chat, OnScreen voice and video, with CoBrowsing and collaboration features to streamline engagements. Through its Enterprise Low-Code platform, Veritran speeds up and simplifies the development of digital solutions that create a top-notch user experience. The company serves the top banks across the globe, reaching millions of users and running billions of secure transactions annually. Together, Veritran and Glia can help financial institutions accelerate digital engagements, drive new efficiencies and improve satisfaction rates.

“At Veritran we believe in improving our clients’ business by making customers’ lives better. So, we are pleased to partner with Glia. This partnership is a great example of two companies coming together to complement each other’s digital offerings and provide viable solutions to financial institutions to continue supporting them in their digital transformations,” said Omar Arab, EVP of Corporate Business & Head of Global Alliances at Veritran.

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