Home News For the First Time, a Roofing Company in Northeast Atlanta Is Giving Its Clients a Novel Option for Keeping Track of Their Roof Maintenance Records

For the First Time, a Roofing Company in Northeast Atlanta Is Giving Its Clients a Novel Option for Keeping Track of Their Roof Maintenance Records

For the First Time, a Roofing Company in Northeast Atlanta Is Giving Its Clients a Novel Option for Keeping Track of Their Roof Maintenance Records

Northeast Atlanta, GA Roofer, Mighty Dog Roofing, is a franchise that takes great pride in being part of one of the nation’s most progressive roofing companies. That allows them to provide their customers with as seamless a roof repair experience as possible. One of the latest ways that the company is doing this is by allowing its clients access to what is known as a customer vault. That gives them a unique way to keep track of their roof repair history.

Franchise owner and Georgia Tech graduate, Brian McNeese, says, “I grew up in a time where I watched my parents endlessly struggle trying to keep stacks of important paperwork organized in a way that it could be quickly accessed when needed. It’s a task that never quite seemed to work the way it was supposed to. Fortunately, in our modern world, we have advanced means to electronically record and store important documents. We here at Mighty Dog Roofing have taken advantage of that technology by creating what is known as a customer vault. That allows our customers to access in a few mouse clicks all the information on the roof and other exterior repairs and installations that we have done for them.”

McNeese went on to talk about several of the advantages that their customer vault offers besides allowing their clients to quickly access their important roof and exterior installation and repair documents. It also stores all the communication that took place between Mighty Dog Roofing and a customer as their roof or exterior repair project commenced. This includes storing any before, during, and after photos that were taken of a repair job. Any warranties associated with the work can also be seen in the customer vault along with a complete list of the major materials that were used and the company that manufactured them. He says that their customer vault provides the easiest way possible for their clients to keep track of the roof and other exterior repairs and installations that the company has provided for them.

Establishing a customer vault for its clients is not the only way that Mighty Dog Roofing of Northeast Atlanta is being as progressive a company as possible either. Evidence of that comes with the fact that they are now using advanced drone technology to do roof assessments. This has greatly aided them when it comes to doing roof replacements and other roof repair work. It’s a technology that can also be used to do such things as help smooth out the roof insurance claims process and determine the exact condition of a roof before a home sale is completed. Using drones can be especially useful when it comes to inspecting the condition of irregularly shaped residential roofs, the roofs of multi-unit dwellings, and large commercial roofs. An example video of how drone roof inspections are carried out by the company can be seen on their website. Other modern technology the company uses includes a curb appeal visualizer app. Here a customer uploads a photo of their home, and they then can see what it looks like with different types and colors of roofing shingle on top of it.

McNeese says that he expects Mighty Dog Roofing to continue being an authority in industry innovation and he loves the way that the company has made it a franchise-wide mission to supplement its certified and experienced roofing specialists with some of the latest and most innovative software and technology. That way they can continue to help provide a seamless experience for their customers. The franchise owner went on to say that they at Mighty Dog Roofing of Northeast Atlanta take great pride in being an independently owned and operated, nationally backed, roofing contractor franchise that places a strong emphasis on customer service, uses only superior roofing products, and has well-trained roofing technicians. This is how their Northeast Atlanta roofing company has established itself as a top choice for homeowners in their area that need roof repairs, gutter installation & repairs, window replacements, and siding work done for them.

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