Home News For Businesses to Unify and Act on Their Data, ActiveCampaign Has Launched a No-Code Data Model Solution

For Businesses to Unify and Act on Their Data, ActiveCampaign Has Launched a No-Code Data Model Solution

For Businesses to Unify and Act on Their Data, ActiveCampaign Has Launched a No-Code Data Model Solution

ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), announced that customers will now be able to build their own custom objects directly within the app, no coding required. This new functionality lets users extend contacts, and accounts, and deals with their own data without needing to go through the API or pull in developer expertise. Custom objects help businesses build powerful workflows that create dynamic, automated experiences based on any set of the unique data they use to run their business. Now, customers can more easily model data to their unique business needs and take action on it through automation, email personalization, lead generation forms, reporting, and more.

With ActiveCampaign, businesses can connect to powerful app integrations that leverage custom objects like Salesforce, Zendesk Support, Calendly, DocuSign, or Eventbrite-or they can build custom objects to support their own use case. A large focus for ActiveCampaign is ensuring customers can easily create and manage custom objects without requiring API expertise or developer support. With many businesses strapped for bandwidth and support, they don’t always have the coding power to utilize custom objects. Today, ActiveCampaign democratized access to these tools and leveled the playing field for businesses of all sizes, giving everyone a chance to succeed and grow.

One of ActiveCampaign’s values is to iterate everything, always—which is consistent with its continuous product updates and added features that make a great platform even easier to use. Feedback from its customers via G2 proves the technology is integral to their marketing needs- from automation to sales engagement to landing page building, customers continue to use ActiveCampaign for all of their marketing needs. In G2’s Spring 2022 Report, ActiveCampaign led the attribution category, putting the company at number one in four categories, including lead scoring, pop-up builder, and email template builder. The company also landed in the top three in seven G2 categories, including marketing automation, CRM, sales engagement, landing page builder, conversational marketing, e-commerce personalization, and online form builder. This came on the heels of ActiveCampaign ranking at the top of G2’s Best of Software 2022 in February.

The company also received accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. ActiveCampaign’s Chief Marketing Officer Maria Pergolino joined BBB’s Board of Directors in March to help to bridge the gap between B2C and B2B businesses. With the company’s intense focus on helping companies grow, Pergolino will provide powerful insights into how organizations can foster better goodwill within the community.

ActiveCampaign achieved additional accolades this past quarter, including:

  • Won three new TrustRadius “Best Of” awards for Relationship, Value, and Feature Set in Marketing Automation, in addition to winning TrustRadius Top Rated awards in five categories: CRM, email marketing, marketing automation, SMS marketing, and sales and automation marketing.
  • Named one of the best large companies to work for in 2022 by Purpose Jobs and Comparably’s ‘Best Companies’ in Chicago 2022.
  • The company’s VP of Global Security Sue Bergamo was named cybersecurity professional of the year.
  • Landed on G2’s Best of Software 2022 for content management products, small business products, commercial products, best software products, sales products, and office products.
  • Received a 2022 Excellence in Customer Service Award from Big Intelligence Group.
  • Finalist for Mira’s scale-up of the year and exceptional employer awards.
  • CRM finalist for the CX Awards.
  • SIIA CODiE nominee for best marketing solution.

Along with product and company award wins, the company also received feedback directly from its customers this past quarter about the positive impact CXA has on their businesses. In fact, ActiveCampaign customers reported they expect to double their revenue in 2022 growing by 100% over the next year, compared to the typical 3.5% growth seen by those using legacy email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools. This includes customers like Apple Rose Beauty who increased their online sales by 300% with CXA.

To support customers even further, Shounak Simlai joined this quarter as the company’s VP of data strategy and business intelligence, leading the data teams to optimal efficiency and using their insights to support positive business outcomes.

Supporting quotes

“At ActiveCampaign, we know that data is at the heart of every growing business. Companies of all sizes use this information to make decisions, streamline operations and develop winning ideas that accelerate their growth,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign. “That’s why out of all the momentum at the company this quarter, a highlight is making custom objects available to our customers in-app without needing API or developer knowledge. We know organizing and taking action on information about customers, prospects, and sales lead is what powers every area of our customers’ businesses. We are thrilled to make this accessible.”

“ActiveCampaign’s custom objects open up so many different use cases for our customers and us,” said Eric Melchor, partnership ambassador at Bonjoro. “For instance, being able to segment contacts based on their engagement with Bonjoro videos and triggering automation in ActiveCampaign using that data is powerful. The fact that we will now be able to build our own custom objects directly in the app without any coding required is a game-changer.”

“Whether businesses are using ActiveCampaign primarily for email marketing, marketing automation, or sales engagement, the positive results and feedback for CXA are endless,” said Luis Xavier, Email Marketing Specialist at Sales Studios. “It’s exciting to see the continued growth of the organizations we work with to help them offer customers a truly 1:1 experience. I look forward to continuing supporting ActiveCampaign’s growth through our partnership.”

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