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Fobi Launches Digital Marketing Agency and PaaS Model

Fobi Launches Digital Marketing Agency and PaaS Model

Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive operational efficiencies and profitability, today announced the launch of their new digital and content marketing agency along with the launch of their platform as a service model. The platform as a service model will provide customers with a SaaS model with managed services for Fobi’s various Pass Pro and Wallet pass solutions as well as coupon marketing.

Fobi VP of Marketing Ian Cameron stated: “This launch is well-timed given the current labour shortages and technology proliferation which can make it difficult to adopt and manage new technologies. Businesses are eager and ready to take advantage of the latest technologies, but they often lack the resources and the manpower. That was the premise for the creation of Fobi’s Digital Managed Services team which is dedicated to providing clients with the latest tools, strategies, and execution needed to be successful online and offline. Thanks to the demand for these managed services the company has already acquired clients across every managed service category which all have high profitability rates built into the services model. We’ve helped clients optimize their utilization of our technologies, from wallet pass marketing and coupon marketing to custom development, ensuring our clients are getting the maximum engagement and ROI out of all of our platforms. Fobi’s managed services have already enabled clients to digitally transform their business and gain access to measurable insights with significantly less hassle and staffing resources.”

The Fobi Agency will now add a key significant area of growth for Fobi and we believe it is well timed given the current labour shortages and the challenges that companies are having hiring talent. The Fobi Agency is a full-service digital media and content marketing agency that will help their current and new customers implement the latest technologies and execute on their marketing goals / objectives. In addition to Wallet Pass and Coupon campaigns, the new venture will offer clients a wide range of custom services, including copywriting, graphic design, email marketing, and content strategy. The launch is particularly well timed with the launch of the new digital 8112 standard for Coupon campaigns happening this summer.

Rob Anson, CEO of Fobi stated, “With the launch of our Fobi Digital Agency and PaaS revenue / business model, this marks an important and key milestone for the company. Due to the numerous successful strategic acquisitions we have made over the last 18 months we drastically ramped up and increased the size and capacity of our engineering team. As a result of this significant investment and ramp up we have been able to successfully complete all of the needed integration work which has put us in a position of strength as we are now able to deliver a completely unified and interoperable tech stack.

Due to the forward looking and strategic engineering design and architecture of our tech stack, we now greatly benefit from the ability to launch and maintain our various platforms with a more streamlined and very cost-efficient engineering team. We have been working on the transition and focus of the company over the last several months and as a result we have been able to go long and narrow while drastically reducing our operational burn rate. With this, there has been a shift in our team’s focus to direct sales and revenue growth through our new digital agency and PaaS business and revenue model.”

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