Home News Executive Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Innovation Ex-salesforce super{set} Bowl Admits Jon Suarez-davis “JSD” As New Chief Commercial Officer

Executive Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Innovation Ex-salesforce super{set} Bowl Admits Jon Suarez-davis “JSD” As New Chief Commercial Officer

Executive Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Innovation Ex-salesforce super{set} Bowl Admits Jon Suarez-davis “JSD” As New Chief Commercial Officer

super{set}, a startup studio founded by Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya, today announced the appointment of former Salesforce SVP for Marketing Strategy & Innovation Jon Suarez-Davis “JSD” as Chief Commercial Officer. Since super{set}’s launch, the firm has already created over one billion dollars of enterprise value. Alongside Chavez and Vaidya, JSD will lead market strategy and development to accelerate the growth of super{set}’s expanding portfolio of data+AI companies.

super{set}’s current portfolio spans data management use cases across industries – including leaders like Habu (data clean room software), Ketch (privacy tech), Spectrum Labs (AI content moderation), MarkovML (MLOps), Checksum (automated quality assurance for developers), and Eskalera (HR tech). JSD’s responsibilities include market strategy and development to accelerate super{set} companies’ growth in current, new, and expanding “next best” markets.

“The best and brightest talent in tech is on the move,” said super{set} founding partner and serial entrepreneur Tom Chavez, “no longer content to stay locked inside stodgy Big Tech companies, we’re seeing an exodus toward early-stage company-building where the innovation is cutting edge and the product possibilities can be world-changing. JSD is a strong proof point of this changing of the guard — and super{set} is thrilled to be the beneficiary of his talent and leadership.”

There’s also another reason for JSD’s appointment at this time.

Said Chavez, “JSD has been a long-time confidante and counsel to many of his innovation and marketing peers. They know and trust him to ensure their well-being and growth, just as I did during our work together at Krux and Salesforce… Right now, that community needs guidance like his more than ever as they find themselves pressed to do even more with less as a likely recession sets in.”

According to a recent Nielsen report, many companies “just now settling into a post-COVID marketing rhythm could be facing another major disruption, this time in the form of a global recession. With 60% of economists predicting a Euro-zone recession and an expected global growth rate of only 2.9%—down from 4.6% at the beginning of the year—an economic slowdown seems inevitable.”

“Those organizations need the support that super{set} and our startup portfolio is already driving for end-clients like Disney, The Meet Group, and Pepsi – because it puts them in the safest and most successful position to win in both the harder near-term, as well as the future,” said Suarez-Davis. “If you’re in the business of innovation, recessions are both a kick in the pants and the strongest catalyst to uncover new avenues of growth and value creation. I’m joining super{set} to partner with courageous and innovative leaders who prefer to develop in new markets and co-create so we can drive a better, bolder future together. Building world-class companies and products that drive this necessary change is inspiring. We’re in this for the long haul, and a momentary recession is only an opportunity for innovation to gain a toehold.”

JSD’s award and diverse career is a testament to his leadership and spans several of the world’s most well-known brands and data and technology pioneers, including long tenures at Kellogg Company, Krux, and Salesforce. While serving as Chief Strategy Officer of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, JSD’s primary focus was developing technology solutions that empower marketers to deliver connected, personalized, and real-time brand experiences across channels and throughout the customer journey at scale. He was also instrumental in the company’s acquisition of Datorama and The CMO Club and partnership with BRIDGE, the first and only independent DEI trade organization.

“We’re poised for the next big wave of innovation driven by tools to better capture, orchestrate, analyze and activate data,” said super{set} founding partner and former CTO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Vivek Vaidya. “But, these tools will be useless if they aren’t well understood by customers and can’t be brought to market. There are only a handful of commercial leaders out there that can simply translate the value proposition of innovative data tech to customers: JSD is one of them.”

JSD, Chavez Vaidya previously worked together at Krux, the second company Chavez and Vaidya founded. At Krux, JSD served as Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, overseeing all global marketing communications, brand-building initiatives, and the company’s marketing transformation consulting practice. The category-leading data management platform (DMP) Krux was ultimately acquired by Salesforce in October 2016.

“Locking arms with Tom and Vivek and the incredible team and portfolio of innovators they are co-developing with and powering is an inspiring win-win for all,” said JSD. “As we collaborate to uncover novel ideas, liberate exceptional talent, and revolutionize how companies are founded and built, our ultimate success stories will be the ones the history of modern business innovation will be written about.”

In addition to his professional roles, JSD is deeply committed to fostering a more equitable future and positive brand change. Those commitments are the cornerstones of his roles on the boards of both MMA Global and BRIDGE. They also align with super{set}’s vision of “doing well by doing good” and their adherence to Pledge 1%’s network of founders, entrepreneurs, and companies around the globe that have committed to giving back.

According to BRIDGE founder Sheryl Daija, “When JSD shared the news of his decision to join super{set} with our global board of top CMOs, HR leaders, and DE&I heads, there was enormous excitement. We expect a lot from JSD and, thereby, super{set} because he has set the bar that high for himself and all of us.”

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