Home News ElfBar Strengthens Ties With UK Customers With a Billboard and Double-decker Ad Campaign in London

ElfBar Strengthens Ties With UK Customers With a Billboard and Double-decker Ad Campaign in London

ElfBar Strengthens Ties With UK Customers With a Billboard and Double-decker Ad Campaign in London

ElfBar has hopped onboard London Buses for the first time to embark on a month-long tour to showcase Mate 500 Pod Kit Mate 500 to Londoners, as part of its ad campaign to bring ElfBar products closer to the UK customers. From May 9th through June 19th, the rechargeable vape kit is featured on 300 iconic scarlet double-deckers crisscrossing Central London, as well as 147 out-of-door electronic billboards dotted around the city to introduce ElfBar eco-friendly and cost-effective vaping solutions to the local users.

Mate 500 is incredibly durable ensures all-day use and is compatible with ElfBar Mate P1 Pre-filled Pods that offer a wide range of delicious flavours to give users a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. Sporting an aircraft-grade aluminium body with matte finishes and premium metallic texture, it is extremely lightweight and easy to use, with no extra steps needed to set up the device.

“Supported by the sound policy environment, the UK has seen the growing acceptance of vaping devices as the tools to promote a smoke-free society. All these factors have not only strengthened the professionalism and the sense of responsibility of the industry players but also made the UK one of our top markets,” said Daisy Luo, UK Country Lead for ElfBar.

“Since ElfBar introduced the first product to the UK, we are overwhelmed with the positive response from British consumers, so we hope to take this opportunity to strengthen our connection with the local users and retailers alike who have given us so much support throughout the journey. In response to the mounting environmental concerns, the launch of ElfBar Mate 500 Pod Kit is our latest endeavour to reduce the company’s carbon and waste footprint, helping us advance our ESG pledges as we continue to build a portfolio of environmentally friendly products,” Daisy added.

“The introduction of ElfBar Mate 500 only marks a small step in our marathon. Another popular product, ElfBar ELFA Pod Vape Kit, is expected to follow in its footstep to meet global customers soon. Driven by our brand value, we will continue to upgrade our product features and roll out more high-quality models based on the feedback from users,” said Daisy.

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