Home News Digital Marketing Agency Owner Josh Nelson’s “The Client Retention Handbook” Hits #1 on Amazon’s New Releases

Digital Marketing Agency Owner Josh Nelson’s “The Client Retention Handbook” Hits #1 on Amazon’s New Releases

Digital Marketing Agency Owner Josh Nelson’s “The Client Retention Handbook” Hits #1 on Amazon’s New Releases

Josh Nelson, Founder and CEO of the Seven Figure Agency, has published his full-length marketing guide titled “The Client Retention Handbook.” This book hit the shelves on August 19, 2022. In the first week after its release, it reached the “#1 New Release” category for Advertising books on Amazon. It also received the #1 ranking for Customer Relations books in the Kindle Store.

“The Client Retention Handbook for Digital Marketing Agencies” has received a five-star average rating across over 40 reader reviews. This book is available for purchase in Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon. Readers can also download a free sample through Amazon.

“The Client Retention Handbook for Digital Marketing Agencies” is an expert’s guide to help digital marketing agencies prioritize and enhance retention. The book’s subtitle is “How to Keep Clients On Board Long-Term and Reduce Churn.”

In the book’s introduction, Josh Nelson emphasizes, “If you can’t keep clients, you don’t have a business.” He describes how he has seen many businesses fail because they lacked the proper systems to retain clients. His own digital marketing agency struggled with retention in its early stages, leading Josh to research the best strategies to keep clients long-term.

Josh boils down the steps for retaining clients into three key elements, which he refers to as “the sticky triad.” In this book, Josh includes tips and techniques that have helped him grow his digital marketing agency, Plumbing & HVAC SEO, to $425,000 in monthly recurring revenue. These are the techniques that he has also shared with other agency owners through his mentorship group, the Seven Figure Agency.

Ryan Deiss, founder of Digital Marketer said “Josh’s new book is a guide the digital marketing world needed. Over and over, I see marketing agencies place too much emphasis on landing clients and not nearly enough on retention. In his masterful book, Josh highlights the vital importance of retention for success and profitability and provides the expert strategies he’s picked up through his experience as a highly successful marketing agency owner. I’m proud to recommend this guide to all my fellow marketers. This roadmap could be the key to unlocking your success as a seven-figure marketing agency.”

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