Home News Console & Associates, P.C. Explores Legal Options for Social Media-harmed Families

Console & Associates, P.C. Explores Legal Options for Social Media-harmed Families

Console & Associates, P.C. Explores Legal Options for Social Media-harmed Families

Groundbreaking wrongful death lawsuit filings against social media companies, mounting research evidence, and whistleblower testimony have shed new light on a growing problem: the harmful effects of social media on young people.

Lawsuits against social media companies for harm suffered by children, teens, and young adults are still unusual. However, the growing body of evidence linking social media use to mental and physical harm has brought more attention to this important topic. Researchers have identified links between excessive and problematic social media exposure and conditions like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm behaviors, and suicidal ideation.

Experts and whistleblowers have pointed to social media sites’ addictive psychological tactics, engagement-based algorithms that spread harmful and sensational content, and potentially dangerous features as some of the aspects of social media usage that can contribute to this harm. In some circumstances, social media companies are facing liability for the harms that arise out of social media exposure because of these and other aspects of the sites.

For many families, the question now is how to go about pursuing legal action to hold social media companies accountable in the aftermath of serious injuries, mental health conditions, and harms of other kinds suffered by young users of the sites.

“When something terrible happens, families are left trying to make sense of it all,” said Console & Associates, P.C. founder and managing attorney Richard P. Console, Jr. “So many parents have learned that social media exposure, and the social media sites’ algorithms and features, may be to blame for the harm their children suffered. They’re wondering what actions they can take to hold these companies accountable and prevent other families from going through this pain.”

At Console & Associates, our social media attorneys are seeking to interview families whose children have suffered from any kind of harm to their mental health or physical health associated with social media exposure and problematic use. We can help you understand the complexities of research pertaining to the relationship between social media usage and harms such as mental health disorders, addiction, eating disorders, self-harm, and suicidal ideation.

During a free, confidential consultation, our social media injury attorneys can advise you of your legal options and whether you are eligible to pursue a claim against social media companies at no cost.

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