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Brands in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Are Commended for Their Use of Innovative Packaging to Boost Sales

Brands in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Are Commended for Their Use of Innovative Packaging to Boost Sales

Today Designalytics honored nine highly effective CPG packaging redesigns as part of the third-annual Designalytics Effectiveness Awards. This year’s winners once again showcase the power of package design to drive brand growth.

The Designalytics Effectiveness Awards are unique because, unlike traditional design competitions, winner selection is entirely data-driven—based on in-market sales performance and rigorous quantitative consumer testing of each redesign. This year, hundreds of package redesigns launched in the U.S. between July 2019 and July 2021 were considered.

“Marketers have long been renowned for meticulously measuring the impact of their efforts. Until very recently, that hasn’t really included package design,” said Steve Lamoureux, CEO and founder of Designalytics. “These awards are meant to celebrate brands who are taking a strategic approach to design, and to highlight design’s vital role in driving brand growth. We’re seeing more and more brands approach us because they understand the benefits of reliably measuring design performance throughout the creative process. That represents a fundamental shift in perspective—and a major step forward—for the CPG industry.”

Common themes contributing to these brands’ success include:

● Effective communication of the attributes most important to category shoppers
● Clear, strategic creative briefs
● Early and iterative creative exploration, supported by consumer feedback
● Taste-forward imagery
● Bolder, more consistent branding—especially for challenger brands

GoodPop Wins Grand Prize; New Design Fuels Sales Growth of 40% by Boosting Brand Awareness and Taste Appeal

This year’s grand prize winner, previously announced by Dieline, is GoodPop. This challenger brand manufactures healthy, all-natural frozen treats, and has met with considerable success since the launch of its new packaging.

GoodPop engaged Interact Brands, a Colorado-based branding agency with deep expertise in the food and beverage industries, to help reinvigorate its design. The agency utilized bolder brand assets, a more consistent design system, and mouthwatering product photography to bolster brand awareness and appetite appeal.

After GoodPop’s new design launched in early 2021, sales increased by 40% compared to the prior year. The results of a consumer evaluation by Designalytics echo this outcome: 75% of category buyers preferred to purchase the new design over the old one.

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