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Barclays Starts Selling and Issuing More iPath® ETNs Again

Barclays Starts Selling and Issuing More iPath® ETNs Again

Barclays Bank PLC (“Barclays Bank”) announced today that it plans to resume further issuances and sales by Barclays Bank,  effective as of the open of trading on Monday, September 26, 2022. This action follows the announcements by Barclays Bank on March 14, 2022, April 22, 2022 and April 28, 2022 to suspend sales of the ETNs. As Barclays Bank indicated in its announcement on August 1, 2022, further issuances and sales of the ETNs are being resumed now that the rescission offer has been completed and settlement of the rescission offer with respect to the ETNs has occurred. Further issuances and sales of the ETNs will be made pursuant to Barclays Bank’s shelf registration statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) on May 23, 2022. As described below, this action may result in fluctuations in the trading value of the ETNs.

The market value of the ETNs may be influenced by, among other things, the levels of supply and demand for such ETNs. Recently, a premium or discount, as the case may be, has developed in the trading price of certain series of ETNs in relation to the intraday indicative value of such series. It is possible that this reopening of sales and issuances, or the announcement thereof, may influence the trading price of the ETNs or cause the premium or discount to decrease or to no longer be present, though it is not possible to predict such impact. In particular, if an investor paid a premium purchase price over the indicative value of the ETNs, it could lead to significant losses in the event an investor sells ETNs at a time when such premium is no longer present in the marketplace or if Barclays Bank redeems the ETNs at its discretion.

The pricing supplement and prospectus relating to each series of ETNs can be found on EDGAR, the SEC website at www.sec.gov, as well as on the product website at the product page for each of the ETNs listed in the tables above at ipathetn.barclays.

An investment in the ETNs involves significant risks and may not be suitable for all investors. The ETNs are riskier than ordinary unsecured debt securities and do not benefit from any principal protection. For more information on risks associated with the ETNs, please see “Selected Risk Considerations” below and the risk factors included in the relevant pricing supplement.

Barclays Bank is the issuer of the ETNs and Barclays Capital Inc. is the issuer’s agent in the distribution. Please contact Barclays Bank for further questions:

  • Financial advisors: Directly contact Barclays Bank at etndesk@barclays.com or 1-212-528-7990 to obtain further information.
  • Individual investors: Instruct your broker/advisor/custodian to email us at etndesk@barclays.com or to call us at: 1-212-528-7990. You may call in together with your broker/advisor/custodian or have them speak to us on your behalf.

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