Home News An OOH Toolset for Political Marketers Is Made Available by AdQuick.com

An OOH Toolset for Political Marketers Is Made Available by AdQuick.com

An OOH Toolset for Political Marketers Is Made Available by AdQuick.com

AdQuick.com, the leading out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform in the world, today announced it’s releasing the Out-of-Home Toolkit for Political Advertisers, a collection of OOH media planning tools tailored to help political marketers leverage the trust, reach and efficiency of OOH advertising ahead of November’s midterms.

“With broadcast impressions experiencing sharp declines and distrust in digital channels higher than ever, political advertisers are being forced to rethink strategies that may have worked for them in the past,” said Matthew O’Connor, chief executive officer of AdQuick. “We created AdQuick’s Out-of-Home Toolkit for Political Advertisers to help campaigns leverage outdoor advertising, which is both a highly trusted and effective advertising medium. With this political advertising toolkit, campaigns will have everything they need to develop multi-layered, highly effective OOH plans to reach their target audiences and drive voters to the ballot box this November.”

As political advertisers seek to connect with established and new voters, they’re turning to OOH, which offers the highest recall of any media channel. Outdoor advertising also offers among the lowest CPMs and highest value of any advertising media, making it a budget-friendly choice for campaigns needing to make every dollar count. And while regulations limit the types of outdoor ad formats advertisers can use, high-impact billboards, wildpostings, and car wraps reach voters where they are.

“OOH advertising is perfectly suited to political messaging because it is efficient, fraud-free and geographically precise,” said O’Connor. “Whether advertisers are experienced with OOH or leveraging it for the first time, AdQuick’s Political OOH Toolkit makes it easy to explore the outdoor ad units available in their district, city, or state, identify the necessary budget levels to reach voters, and even turn their digital campaign into an OOH campaign in a few clicks.”

The toolkit includes the following:

  • Market Explorer Tool – With the Market Explorer tool, political advertisers can explore the OOH landscape that’s available within their target markets such as their target city, state or congressional district. They can explore market-specific cost data (e.g. average price, lowest price and median CPM) to determine the average cost to reach voters in different geographies and plan media campaigns accordingly.
  • OOH Budget Estimator – The Budget Estimator tool helps political advertisers identify the investment level they need to reach a saturation point within their city, state or district. With the understanding of their ideal OOH investment level, political advertisers can set appropriate fundraising goals.
  • Look-alike Markets Tool – The Look-alike Markets tool helps political advertisers uncover new markets and high-value areas for national or statewide campaigns. This tool allows users to scale their media buying efforts without sacrificing efficiency or campaign performance.
  • Audience Buying Tool – With the Audience Buying Tool, political advertisers can better pinpoint and reach voters that are most likely to be interested in a campaign’s message. Users can segment audiences by political affiliation, demographics, special interests that may indicate specific voting behavior and more.

In addition to the Political OOH ToolKit, political advertisers will have access to AdQuick’s suite of complementary OOH buying solutions, AdQuick Pro and AdQuick DSP, to develop a multi-layered OOH strategy and diversify their media mixes faster, easier and more successfully. AdQuick Pro offers one-stop-shopping to reach voters with billboards, car wraps, GSTV and the like, while AdQuick DSP allows advertisers to take advantage of programmatic digital OOH to quickly reach voters when and where it matters with flexible campaign execution and real-time optimization.

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