Home News A Total of 30 Service Centres in Different Countries Help Serve Hi-global Lo’s Audience

A Total of 30 Service Centres in Different Countries Help Serve Hi-global Lo’s Audience

A Total of 30 Service Centres in Different Countries Help Serve Hi-global Lo’s Audience

Throughout 40 years in industry, Hi-Lo Systems, the leading global provider of IC programming solutions, has established the programming network with almost 30 service centers around the world, providing customers in more than 60 countries with the most prompt and efficient supports.

What’s so special about worldwide programming service?

For starters, Hi-Lo’s local services are highly customized and professional. In any of Hi-Lo’s programming center, customers are provided with completed and comprehensive value-added services. Hi-Lo understands it as experience that various requirement result from different market conditions. For example, for customers from automotive electronics, Hi-Lo offers optional 2D/3D quality inspection to assure these programmed IC are well protected physically; moreover, Hi-Lo offers secure programming for IoT products to keep customers from hacking and intellectual theft; lastly, Hi-Lo offers inking/marking, exchange of packages, and exclusive area for advanced devices programming, such as UFS.

Second, it prevents customers from shutting down production line for any cause. In addition to regular maintenance and repair on purchased equipment and re-training on new operators, Customers of Hi-Lo’s can receive prompt and thorough on-site service for troubleshooting and urgent technical support within 24 hours when needed.

Lastly, it can guarantee sufficient supply of needed parts and consumables. In addition to simply sell these parts to customers, Hi-Lo offers services such as supply chain management, procurement planning through completed local distributorship. Consequently, customers of Hi-Lo’s make reliable procurement plan for cost analysis and as well avoid potential shortage of required materials or shutdown in production line.

Affirming its leading industry position, Hi-Lo pursues more than completed worldwide service, but also keeps its technological capabilities as innovative and reliable as the market demand asks. As the founder of TSMC Morris C.M. Chang once described, for a semiconductor company to prosper perpetually, it should not only go global, but also strive for world-class technology.

To deliver world-class technology in device programming, Hi-Lo must identify and recognize the industry trends and the pain points of the current solutions.

For instance, programmable chips in automotive electronics industry consists mostly of various MCU and high density memory IC such as eMMC and UFS so as to deliver complicated commands in sequence, accumulate constantly-changing data from driving and analyze, and then adapt to various situations in roads based on these information.

The most evident pain points in programming automotive chips are that the supportability for developing new devices is not efficient or comprehensive enough; as a result, the customers would face unbearable lead time or poor technical support. What’s worse, even when these devices are supported, the programming time for high density memory chips are too long, severely diminishing the efficiency and capacity in production line and thus costing significantly in long-term.

Hi-Lo addresses such issues. With over 100,000 devices supported by its programmers and over 100 R&D members delivering new device development and technical supports, customers won’t compromise capacity and quality in programming; moreover, Hi-Lo develops its exclusive programming core for high density memory chips, delivering three to four times faster in programming eMMC and UFS.

Hi-Lo believes every customer deserves worldwide supports and world-class technology, as they are shaping the world of innovation.

Hi-Lo invites everyone to our booth #1603 in IPC APEX EXPO 2023 and get closer look on our automated programming systems.

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