Home News A Calix Innovations “Giant of Customer Support” Award Was Given to YK Communications Because of the Company’s Phenomenal Net Promoter Score (Nps) of 80

A Calix Innovations “Giant of Customer Support” Award Was Given to YK Communications Because of the Company’s Phenomenal Net Promoter Score (Nps) of 80

A Calix Innovations “Giant of Customer Support” Award Was Given to YK Communications Because of the Company’s Phenomenal Net Promoter Score (Nps) of 80

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) recognizes YK Communications as a “Giant of Customer Support” and a 2022 Calix Innovations Award winner. Announced at Calix ConneXions 2022, the award honors YK Communications for uniquely leveraging the full Calix Revenue EDGE™ platform, including Calix GigaSpire® BLAST systems, Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud), and the Calix CommandIQ® mobile app, to deliver proactive support that contributes to exceptional subscriber experiences. Paired with Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud), part of Calix Cloud®, YK Communications successfully drove service upgrade campaigns that improved their subscribers’ experiences while increasing average revenue per user (ARPU). The broadband service provider (BSP) also pairs their technology investment with a dedicated and award-winning customer success organization, Calix Customer Success Services (Customer Success). Today, YK Communications boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80 compared to the average telecommunications industry score in the 30s. They continue to leverage Customer Success best practices as part of their business transformation.

YK Communications makes the rich data analytics and actionable insights of Support Cloud available to all subscriber-facing employees, not just technical support. This unique strategy aligns the entire organization to a “subscriber first” mentality and ensures that staff has full visibility of the subscriber experience. As a result, the BSP lowered subscriber churn by 63 percent in less than a year. YK Communications enabled its customer support team to elevate the subscriber experience to become a “Giant of Customer Support” by:

  • Driving uptake of CommandIQ for self-service capabilities. YK Communications made subscriber adoption of their CommandIQ app a top priority. Today 86 percent of their subscribers are on the app. The app gives subscribers more self-service capabilities, which results in fewer support calls. This frees up customer service representatives (CSRs) to conduct proactive outreach. It also gives subscribers more control of their home Wi-Fi experience and enables them to take care of basic support tasks themselves.
  • Ensuring satisfaction at every step of the subscriber journey. As part of their “2-2-2-2” program, YK Communications sales and support teams check in with every subscriber at touchpoints of two days, two weeks, two months, and two years after installation. The account team uses Support Cloud to preview the subscriber’s record and avoid any surprises. This personal, proactive approach ensures the subscriber has a positive experience and offers the opportunity to introduce additional products and services.
  • Using humor to educate subscribers about their technology. To educate subscribers on their networks and services, YK Communications leverages Marketing Cloud insights to engage with their subscribers on the right social media channels. Leveraging their talented CSRs and other staff, the marketing team delivers humorous videos and memorable support-related content in a language that subscribers respond to. YK Communications also uses social channels like Facebook to inform subscribers of outages or other issues. This transparency is another reason 95 percent of subscriber ratings for YK Communications are five stars.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by Calix as a customer support leader,” said Russell Kacer, president of YK Communications. “Our first goal is to make sure our subscribers’ experiences are second to none. Customer care is not the function of a single team but a company-wide commitment we make to our subscribers. Calix gives us the platforms, solutions, and services we need to exceed our subscribers’ expectations. Support Cloud and Marketing Cloud give our teams immediate access to insights into our subscribers-taking the guesswork out of our business. And the Customer Success team goes above and beyond to ensure that we are extracting the most value from the platform and fully utilizing the resources available to us. Calix is a true partner committed to helping us grow our business.”

“Calix celebrates YK Communications as the 2022 ‘Giant of Customer Support,’” said Martha Galley, executive vice president of customer engagement and services at Calix. “YK Communications is at the forefront of a new era of proactive support. Their teams leverage the Revenue EDGE platform and Calix Cloud data analytics to build and maintain exceptional subscriber experiences and drive stellar subscriber satisfaction, as their incredible NPS score demonstrates. YK Communications works closely with Premier Customer Success, implementing best practices across the entire organization that contribute to exceptional subscriber experiences. Their subscribers love the experiences they provide-and that is the hallmark of an industry giant.”

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