If there is one company that can be both respected and feared, its Amazon. 

Many say it was the most important company of 2020; experts predict it will surpass Walmart by next year; we think those are petty achievements. Amazon is aiming for something way bigger, like world-level bigger. 

Over the last decade, the company has travelled far and wide into various markets and has spread to many countries. And it didn’t get there possessing a stern capitalist mindset; but by focusing relentlessly on customer experience and an unshakable will to never stop learning, experimenting, and growing.

Here is a company trying to deliver everything that you want, at the price you want, at the location and time you want. It’s incredible to learn how Amazon has become an integral part of the life of consumers around the world. Even with a pandemic looming, the company managed to pull $108 billion revenue in Q1, 2021, which is a 44% increase YOY. 

Top Analyst Doug Anmuth has many predictions for Amazon, including the surpassing Walmart in GMV in 2022 next year, but Amazon is planning for things bigger than we can imagine. And, here are 3 signs that prove this notion.

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eCommerce gains during Prime Day 2021

Amazon’s Prime Day sale led to the craziest first day sale in ecommerce history by reaching a figure of $5.6 billion. It is officially now the biggest day in online shopping; previously, it was Thanksgiving 2020

And that wasn’t good news just for the sellers, but Amazon itself. For instance, among the top products that were sold the highest, 5 were from Amazon: Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot 4th Gen, Fire Tablet, Gift Card Reload, and Photos Project.

Earnings of this incredible size points out the increase of consumer trust. It further proves that pandemic-weary shoppers are eager to shop and their first choice in doing so will definitely be Amazon. 

Massive gains and increasing trust cannot be everything Amazon might require to rule the world of eCommerce, but it definitely adds to its increasing force that will put competitors like Walmart behind.

Purchase of MGM Studios

Before talking about the deal, here is some striking similarity between James Bond and Jeff Bezos: both have 9 syllables in their names and the same first letter.

The deal in May 2021 gave the ecommerce and cloud computing giant a new catalog to manage – Hollywood. Home to some very famous movie franchises (other than James Bond) such as “Rocky” and “Legally Blonde,” MGM is now a property of Amazon.

With MGM’s acquisition at $13.7 billion – whose reported value was $5.5 billion – Amazon has shown to the world how seriously it wants to consolidate its position in the entertainment industry. Its existing venture into the entertainment industry with Amazon Prime Video has been successful to date. 

Alexa and its growing capabilities

One of the things that Amazon is doing better than Google when it comes to human-machine interaction is Smart Assistants. Even if Google owns search and is practically the world’s primary choice as a search engine, its assistants like Home and Nest are arguably second to Amazon’s Alexa. 

Amazon is heavily integrating its smart assistant and trying to make Alexa more than just a smart device. 

So there it is, a company whose stocks has risen 35000% since its start. Today, Amazon owns the cloud; is delivering via land, sea, and water; and is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Everything signals towards the fact that Amazon will control the world market and it will be very soon.

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